Saturday Morning Comics #27: Eternal Editing

19 Apr

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. Manifest Destiny #6
2. Royals: Masters of War #3
3. Flash Gordon #1

COCs picks: 1. Magnus Robot Figher #2
2. Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1
3. Batman Eternal #1

Kyle!’s picks: 1 All-New Doop #1
2. All-New Ghost Rider #2
3. Avengers Undercover #2

BIG Eisner-Nominated Image Comics Sale On Comixology

16 Apr

Image Comics is offering a HUGE sale, anywhere from 50-66% off of their 2014 Eisner-nominated titles ranging from Saga to Rat Queens to Jonathan Hickman’s East of West and Manhattan Projects.  There’s something here for everyone.

Check it out!


Five Years Since Harry Kalas Passed Away

13 Apr

Great tribute from Comcast Sportnet:

And our initial post when he abruptly passed away that fateful day in DC.


I’ll never forget 1993. I’ll never forget 2008. I’ll never forget his home run call for Michael Jack.  Here’s to you, Harry.

Saturday Morning Comics #26: No-Frills

12 Apr

Excused the audio, we’re short our audio expert (PAX East came a calling’), Sit back and enjoy:

COC’s picks: 1.Aquaman and the Others #1/Detective Comics #30
2. Silver Surfer #1
3. Red Sonja #8

SMEs picks: 1.Dead Letters #1
2. Black Science #5
3. Moon Knight #2

Silver Fox’s picks: 1.Stormwatch #30
2. Inhuman #1
3. Green Arrow #30

Kyle’s picks: 1. Punisher #4

Marvel ‘Forgets’ Digital Code With $3.99 Superior Foes of Spider-Man #11???

11 Apr

Recently Marvel bumped Superior Foes of Spider-Man to $4 for the #11 issue.  This was fine to me since I love the series and understand how this works.  They are going to milk the remaining fans until it ends.  That’s fine.  I assumed this meant I would now receive a digital code, since Marvel’s normal practice is to provide a ‘free’ digital code with a $4 book.

Well, I picked up my issue this week and noticed NO digital code. I got a digital code for the Daredevil anniversary issue, Secret Avengers, Ghost Rider, all other $4 titles that came out this past week, EXCEPT for Foes.  I checked solicits for April and noticed nothing on any title regarding a bonus digital.

The last title to go from $2.99 to $3.99 mid-stream was Fearless Defenders. Issue 7 was $2.99, then issue 8 was $3.99.  It had a digital code attached to it, though.

What gives here?


Kevin Ollie Is A Good Basketball Coach

8 Apr

He may not have been a great NBA starting point guard, but he’s a dandy college basketball coach, bringing the University of Connecticut to the 2014 NCAA Championship (and winning). He even dashed my hopes and dreams by out-coaching Phil Martelli in overtime in the first-round against Saint Joseph’s.  Congrats to the pencil-thin.


First Camden Comic-Con A Success

7 Apr



The first annual Camden Comic Con was a success! Filled with fans of all ages, there was cosplaying, face-painting, comic hawking, cartooning, and all sorts of fun. And entry was free!  Here’s hoping Rutgers Camden holds it again, and here’s hoping it grows and grows.


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