Saturday Morning Comics #57 : Smurfing Thanksgiving

22 Nov

QUESTION: We wax philosophical on the Smurfs. Toymaster shows his Smurfs knowledge.


4min – QUESTION – more of a discussion on Smurf nature
- Solicits for February: Darth Vader begins; Spider-Gwen #1 starts; Elektra, She-Hulk, Magnus: Robot Fighter ending; Art Adams doing interiors on GOTG Team-Up; The Art of He-Man from Dark Horse; Art of Michael Turner’s Batman
- 16min – TV discussion: Flash, Agents of SHIELD (Kree!!!!), Arrow
- 19min – Chris Pratt may star in Cowboy Ninja Viking
- 23min – Imperium/Divinity coming from Valiant in February
- 25min – Mondo Batman prints
     - 30min – Attack on Titan live-action visuals unveiled
     - 32min – More Flash talk!!! BECAUSE WE LOVE THIS SHOW
38min – The Resurrectionists #1
45min – Wytches #2  MUST BUY
1:00 min – Weird Love #4
1:07 min – Silver TPB  from Dark Planet Comics
1:15min – AXIS: Hobgoblin #2  COC RECOMMENDATION
1:20min – GOTG 3000
1:27min – Men of Wrath #2
1:35min – Suicide Squad #4  whither Jeremy Roberts??? plus some Convergence discussion
1:47min – She-Hulk #10
2:03min – Tooth & Claw #1

Lovin’ This Gilbert Hernandez Wonder Woman Page

20 Nov

From Sensation Comics #4:

it would be funnier if it were hal jordan

Saturday Morning Comics #56

18 Nov

QUESTION: Favorite 60s/70s Batman cartoon
COC – Scooby Doo
Silver Fox – Fanmation
Tugobat – Scooby Doo

4min – discussing Batman 66 DVD/blu-rays
8min – What was your favorite 60s/70s Batman cartoon?
- Convergence – first ten series announced – Silver Fox’s wallet gets a hurtin’
- Inhumans on Agents of Shield???
- TV show casting announcements
- Hush discussion
- 18min – Flash TV discussion
21min – Rocket Raccoon #5  - MUST BUY
24min – Skyman One-Shot  - MUST BUY
30min – Retailer discussion – Convergence issues???
35min – Skies of Fire
39min – Pinnochio Vampire Slayer Vol 1  - SME has yet to read, sounds great
56min – Harley Quinn was cast for Suicide Squad
57min – Swamp Thing #35
1:01min – Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #1  - MUST BUY
1:10min – Ordering Valiant – DO ITTTT
1:14min – The Humans #1 (a donnybrook ensued)
1:21min – Grayson #4
1:24min – Bloodshot #25
1:34min – Spread #4

But really, it’s about ethics in video game journalism

12 Nov

Yeah, sure it is.

Attack on Titan Comes to the Marvel Universe; In Japan

3 Nov

The Attack on Titan/Marvel crossover is REAL and happening in two weeks


Saturday Morning Comics #54: Hail to the King

1 Nov

Question: What was your favorite Halloween costume based on a cartoon?

SME: Fred Flintstone
Toymaster/King: Captain Caaaaaaveman
COC: Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
Sliver Fox: Batman and Superman from Super Friends
Hijacker Jen: Zatanna

- Flash/SHIELD TV discussion
- 21min – Naruto is ending
- 24min – Sailor Moon TV show on DVD Nov 1st
- 27min – Marvel PHASE THREE
39min – Bionic Woman Season 4 #2
47min – QUICK HITTIN’ Arkham Manor #1, Lobo #1
53min – Catwoman #35
1:02min – Wicked and Divine #5
1:14min – She-Hulk #9
1:23min – Deathstroke #1
1:37min – Edward Scissorhands #1
1:45min – Memetic #1
1:56 – Multiversity: The Just
2:14 – Harley Quinn #11
2:22 – TMNT/Ghostbusters #1
2:36 –  Starlight #6

Case closed… (on the end of She-Hulk)

1 Nov

Originally posted on The Land of 10,000 Things:


Wow, sucks, doesn’t it? Something we love is going away. The She-Hulk series, published by Marvel Comics, written by me, largely drawn by Javier Pulido (Ron Wimberly killed it on issues 5-6), with colors largely from Muntsa Vicente (Rico Renzi for 5-6) incredible covers from Kevin Wada and lettered by Clayton Cowles, with wonderful editorial work from Jeanine Schaefer and Tom Brennan, will end at issue 12, which will hit in January, 2015.

I’ve known about this for a little while – it wasn’t a surprise to me. To you guys, however, it seems like it was a bit of a shock, at least based on the massive response I’ve seen on Twitter, FB and in the press. Some wonderful things are being said about She-Hulk, and the team and I appreciate it immensely.

Can't take credit for this, I saw it on Twitter, but I thought it was pretty great - memed-up form of some panels from She-Hulk #1. Can’t take credit for this, I saw it on Twitter, but I thought it was…

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