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The American Commerce Center Is Going To Touch The Philadelphia Sky

13 Mar

Your main man in the sky, Brad from, broke the STORY OF THE CENTURY in regards to Philadelphia architecture.  A new proposal has been unveiled for 1800 Arch St. (currently a horrific slab of nothingness):

This is American Commerce Center.

The vitals: 26 story hotel, 473′ to the garden accessible to hotel guests. 3-to-6 stories of street-accessible retail along Arch Street with a public garden facing the dome of the Arch Street Presbyterian Church, and another garden on the sixth floor, between Arch and Cuthbert and overlooking the one below. 63 story office tower, 1,210′ to the lower portion of the roof, 1,500′ to the top of the spire. All parking is underground, including dedicated bicycle parking. LEED gold.

Mayor Michael Nutter, via his Press Secretary Doug Oliver, believes that “it would be a spectacular addition to Philadelphia’s skyline. Sustainability efforts and building green continue to be hallmarks of this Administration and the plans for this particular project are consistent with those goals.” 

Simply spectacular. The nearby Comcast Center is going to be dwarfed by the new tower’s presence, and Liberty One and Two are going to simply look like child’s play.

Perhaps the most impressive thing involved with the American Commerce Center is that the developers (KPF) have already placed immeasurable importance on its interaction with the street, the people and the rest of the city.  A plaza, a setback from the street, and concern for the pedestrian.  And it looks like things are already in place to assuage any concerns about ‘destroying’ some sort of fake concern about ‘light’ or ‘views’.  These problems abound in a place like Rittenhouse Square, but precedent exists for skyscrapers in this area, and they’re replacing a freaking parking lot.  A parking lot.

Nothing but good news.  Dare I say it folks, but this has me damn excited.  Thanks for the breaking news Brad!

Why Keith Olbermann Is Still Pretty Good

13 Mar

Wow.  Could anybody say it any better about Senator Clinton and her posse?

The 76ers Should Learn To Hit A Free Throw

12 Mar

Your Philadelphia 76ers have had quite a 2nd half. They’ve been 7-4 since the all-star break, had a 5 game winning streak going into said all-star game, and have beaten teams such as the Mavericks, Magic and Suns. However, there’s been a problem, in my mind, which has become quite apparent over the course of this season. The Sixers just can’t hit a free throw. They suck at this relatively important part of the professional game. With most games being decided by 10 points or less, free throws play a vital role. But check out the numbers for our boys:

Overall: 70.3% (30 of 30)
Post all-star: 69.7% (29 of 30)
Differential compared to opponent: -7.1 % (30 of 30)

There aren’t many ways to spin these numbers. One might bring up that the Houston Rockets are the only team worse than the Sixers since the all-star game. And they’d be right, but that’s still fairly irrelevant. Dropping free throws at a 7% worse clip than the team you are facing is simply bad, and it’s something that should be targeted in the offseason. Also consider that the Sixers are the worst three-point shooting team in the league. This only necessitates that they get points wherever and however they can and makes making your free throws that much more important.

One can’t expect this team to do well in the playoffs if they can’t make the most of their chances for points. They do well enough on 2-point field goals, but can’t do much else. This falls on guys like Iguodala, who gets to the line about 6 times a game and only sinks 73% of them. Youngsters Rodney Carney, Jason Smith and Thad Young also have trouble at the line. But perhaps the most pathetic player at the line is Mr. Reggie Evans. He gets there 3.4 times per game and hits only 44% of them. The only players in the league worse than him are Ben Wallace (42.9) of the Cavaliers and Josh Boone of the New Jersey Nets (42.3). Maybe he should try the old-school through the legs variety. It couldn’t hurt.

The 76ers Honor Part Of The 1982-83 Champs

10 Mar

The Sixers honored former GM Pat Williams, G Franklin Edwards, C Clemon Johnson, C Earl Cureton, F Reggie Johnson, and current coach and former All-Star guard Maurice Cheeks.

I know Andrew Toney refuses to have anything to do with the Sixers, but why were the rest of the guys not there?   Any guesses?  Only think I could think of is that the Sixers wouldn’t pay flights in…but one dude came from freakin’ Alaska, so I highly doubt that.

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

10 Mar

OMG OMG!  Remember the time I used to put up Boy Meets World videos instead of Saved By The Bell?!  I DO I DO!  Here’s the pilot kids:

Xavier Finds Out That The Hawk Will Never Die

7 Mar

I’ll be honest. I love Saint Joseph’s Alumni Fieldhouse. I love that shithole. I enjoyed pickup basketball during my 4 years, I enjoyed that little workout gym, and I enjoyed that tiny little steam room. The place has a lot of memories in it, both for me and for the SJU Hawks. And last night’s game against Xavier was perhaps a fitting end for the little place that could by the little school that could, as Saint Joe’s upset #8 ranked Xavier 71-66:

The Hawks broke this one open early in the second half and grabbed a 15-point lead. The raucous crowd was chanting and stomping all game, feeling extra juiced after a pregame ceremony that brought back so many former Saint Joseph’s greats.

Rob Ferguson, who scored 13 points, sank a 3-pointer early in the second half for a 10-point lead, and Nivins converted a tough inside basket and free throw for a three-point play in front of the student section.

Tasheed Carr fell on his back after he sank a 3 from the top of the arc and Nivins’ baseline dunk made it 46-31, with all those big baskets becoming important down the stretch. Carr went 3-for-4 on 3s and had 15 points.

Xavier made a spirited run in the final minutes that nearly spoiled all the festivities. Josh Duncan sank a 3 with 15.5 seconds left that cut the deficit to 67-63. Drew Lavender, severely limited the last five games because of a sprained left ankle, hit another 3 with 7.1 to go that made it 69-66. Only the run came too late for Xavier.

“This loss is understandable. We lost to a very good team,” Miller said.

The Hawks would seal the win at the line, with the students bellowing their famed chant, “The Hawk Will Never Die!” They rushed the court and danced with the Hawks one final time.

Perfect. That’s the only way to describe this end. But it’s not really an ‘end’. The place will get a facelift and become a modern facility for the 21st century…I’ll just miss what the old place represented to me. It represented an underdog school and an underdog team that worked with what it had and gave everything it had. The student body, the players, and even the coach (ol’ baldie Martelli himself) were all terrific.

Let’s hope the ‘new’ place doesn’t lose its flavor.

Kyle Korver Not To Be Named Defensive Player Of The Year

5 Mar

Courtesy Ballhype:

Well.  He’s no Ron Artest.

The Wire Shit That Got Everybody Blown Like A Mothafucka

5 Mar


Kyle Kendrick Is Blowing Up

5 Mar

Here’s his line from yesterday’s Phillies-Braves game:

                                  IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR
 K Kendrick (L,0-1)             2 2-3   9   7   7   1   2   0

Da da damn junior!  This is not an ideal spring training start.  However, spring training always has an easy out for any pitching or hitting performance: if one does well the the player is getting started early and will carry that output into the regular season; but if one struggles mightily when everyone can simply say that they are working out the kinks and will get themselves ready by the real games.  Kendrick can certainly say this, and it may indeed be true.  Some players do not put up good numbers in spring training.  But it’s nice for the fans to see good numbers.

Adam Eaton Thinks Highly of Himself

4 Mar

“I think I’ve established myself as a big-leaguer,” Eaton said. “I’m getting paid extremely handsomely, probably more than I’m worth. But everyone is not worth what they’re getting paid. It’s fun. If you don’t like the competition, what are you doing here? Everyone should thrive on competition.”

He said this after giving up a 3-run bomb in his first appearance of the spring.

Yes Adam, you aren’t worth what you’re paid. You were one of the bottom 5 starting pitchers in the league, and got this mark because the Phillies refused to sit you or send you to the bullpen. I understand a pro athlete has to think highly of themselves, but no one should be THIS delusional. A 6.29 ERA and 1.63 WHIP is really all that I need to counter any sort of argument that Eaton is a good pitcher.  I don’t need to delve into higher stats, I don’t really need to go over scouting or counter with anecdotal evidence.  Those numbers are really all you need.   Apparently Eaton needs more to convince himself he sucks.

Mayor Michael Nutter Is The Coolest Mayor Ever

4 Mar

He not only raps, he also watches The Wire.  And he’s hosting a freakin’ viewing party for the series finale at City Hall on Sunday:

“As a fan it’s tremendous,” said Nutter, who squeezed in a viewing of the season opener in the jam-packed days before his inauguration. “I want to say thank you to HBO for responding.”

Wendell Pierce, the actor who portrays affable Detective Bunk Moreland, is scheduled to attend. Nutter hopes other actors from the show will sign on also.

(We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Michael Kenneth Williams, AKA Omar Little.)

City Representative Melanie Johnson said that after the 8 p.m. screening in the Mayor’s Reception Room, Nutter will host a question and answer session with the actors. 

HBO has sanctioned the event and will be providing technical support, said Johnson. The Greater Philadelphia Film Office is also working with Nutter on the project.

Johnson said the roughly 100 tickets for the screening would be evenly divided between invited guests and the general public. She said the city hopes to do a ticket raffle through the Philadelphia Daily News, the Inquirer, Al Dia and the Philadelphia Tribune.

Coolest. Idea. Ever.  I only wish that were 1000 tickets and not 100.  Mayor Nutter already has my re-election vote, should I be able to vote.  And he should get yours too.  I think Bunk and McNulty have actually already stated they’re backing him.  Mayor Carcetti is thinking campaigning for him as well.

Saint Joe’s Hawks Lose A ‘Thriller’

3 Mar


St. Joe’s (17-10, 8-6) led the entire game before Tyndale, who scored 13 points in the second half, helped pulled the Owls back from a 14-point deficit.

The win moved the Owls (16-12, 9-5) into sole possession of second place in the A-10. It also raised their Big Five record to 2-1 while the Hawks ended the City Series at 2-2.

3-14 shooting from Pat Calathes didn’t help.

This basically ensures that the Hawks MUST get to the A-10 tourney finals if they wish to be thought of as a bubble team.  Win and they’re in.  Lose and off to the NIT they go, yet again.   But hey, at least they’ve beaten the Owls 12 of the past 14 times.

Mayor Michael Nutter Throwing Down On The Mic

3 Mar

The older white lady was better…

Saved By The Bell Mondays!!!

2 Mar

Remember the time it was Zack’s birthday?!  At the beach?!  I DO I DO


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