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Liveblogging Sixers/Mavs Second Half

19 Jan

The greatest liveblog known to man…

Ryan Madson Back For Three More Years

19 Jan

Madson back for more cash!

Liveblogging The 76ers vs the Mavericks

19 Jan

2:06 – Mavs end the first half within 4 points, and the score sits at 46-42 as we enter halftime.  The buzzer couldn’t come sooner as the Mavs started hitting their shots, the Sixers were rushing shots on offense, and the lead was dwindling.  Time to regroup as they enter the tunnel. Continue reading

What To Watch On Your Day Off

19 Jan

Extras: The Complete Series

The Hawks Are Flying

19 Jan

Fly Hawks Fly

Close The Libraries

19 Jan

There, I said it.  While opposition to Mayor Nutter’s plan may be louder, there is a silent, understanding group of people who understand that cuts must be made to make the city’s budget work.  I am one of those people, especially since this city of 1.45 million people is no longer a city of over 2 million.  Services should be comparable to the population, and 54 branches to the library system seems simply unnecessary.  Yes, libraries are community centers, but targeting ones with lower usage rates seems wise.  Closing one not even in the city is even wiser.  This is a responsible cut in the city budget.

It’s difficult to sell closing libraries to the general public.  That doesn’t make it an erroneous decision. Please come up with another way to decrease the city’s budget (beyond odd ad hominem attacks against hard-working city employees) and then we can talk.

Full House Mondays!!!

19 Jan

Remember when love was on the rocks?! Hiking yeah!


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