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Ryan Howard Is Destroying Spring Training

31 Mar

Ryan Howard Is Blasting – click here

Philly Inquirer Letter Of The Week

31 Mar

From the complainer files, here’s another old guy who’s asking for completely necessary changes to a newspaper’s layout:

Comics move

With the comics now in the TV section, might you at least place them at the center of the section so that they can easily be removed and read separately? Moishe Garfinkle

Once again, the Inky should have no problem re-doing their entire layout in order to satisfy the completely legitimate request of one old crank.

Ricky Gervais Is On British TV

31 Mar

He’s pimping his newest DVD (the movie Ghost Town) alongside noted British celeb Ronnie Corbett.  American viewers may know Corbett  from Gervais’ Extras, where he guest starred on various episodes.  Graham Norton is a television personality in the UK. Gervais lights up the show:

Sixers Fall To Pistons 101-97 in Detroit

30 Mar


Jason Belmonte Is Winning Bowling Tournaments

30 Mar

Hailing from Australia, international bowling star Jason Belmonte came over the Pacific to not just compete in the Professional Bowler’s Association but to do well.  He’s done just that after Sunday’s victory at the Bowling Foundation Long Island Classic (what a great name). Belmonte, the first two-hander to win a PBA tournament, defeated Bill O’Neil and Michael Fagan to take home the title.  The tournament was unique in that there were two different oil patterns on the two lanes, and Belmonte showed his prowess on both.  While he’s previously  been around the world bowling in major tournaments, winning a PBA title in his first year on the tour is quite an accomplishment.  Congrats, Jason.

Next week’s tourney stops in North Brunswick, NJ for the US Open, probably the most difficult and most prestigious tournament on the PBA Tour. Should you have $500 for the non-PBA member fee, you can even bowl.

What To Watch If You’re Dreading Work

30 Mar

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

30 Mar

Remember the time Shawn really didn’t seem to understand advice?! And Harley and Griff squared off?!?! OH MAN

High Stakes Poker Is On YouTube

27 Mar

GSN rules.  High Stakes Poker, the best poker show on television, is available, sans commercials, on YouTube.  Let’s pick up with episode four of the most recent season (airing Sundays at 9pm):

Why Americans Are Fat

26 Mar

They eat these:

The Sixers Offense Wakes Up In the Second Half, Defeat Timberwolves 96-88

26 Mar

wake up and click here

Easy Youtube Post #71: Conan O’Brien On Jon Stewart

26 Mar

Circa 1994, worlds collide when a young Conan O’Brien and a young Jon Stewart match wits in an interview on Stewart’s old MTV show.

Reading Eagle Letter Of The Week

25 Mar

The physical version of the Reading Egale recently underwent  a makeover as they became smaller, sleeker and more like a tabloid in appearance. While much of the feedback from the hoi polloi  has been positive in nature Milton Taylor doesn’t count himself among the pleased:

I read where one of your readers gave the newspaper an A+ for returning the television listings to the daily paper (“Paper now rates A+,” Reading Eagle, March 17). I give you a D.

You start the listings at 7 p.m. If I want to know what is on from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., I must go to the listings in the television guide in the Sunday edition.

Go back to the listings you had before you changed formats.

Milton L. Taylor
Cumru Township

BIGGITY BAM Reading Eagle! Milton’s got issues with you and your fancy little paper.  How the hell is he going to find out what’s playing on the teevee set from 6 to 7 pm? There’s literally no other way he can find this information! I applaud Milton and join his call to go back, back I say!  I’m sure it costs little to nothing to redo a newspaper’s layout.

It’s Arrested Development

25 Mar

Tobias Funke, the world’s most reknowned never-nude analrapist:

Cole Hamels’ Debut May Be Delayed Five Days

24 Mar

click here, king cole hamels commands it

The Sports Guy Is Doing The #1 Podcast In The Nation

24 Mar

Why, he’s doing the Adam Carolla podcast of course.  You didn’t think I meant The B.S. Report, did you? Love the Duke Sucks T-shirt Bill, and love the made up movies.  Keep ‘em coming. Pedoph-isle! Simmons and Carolla talk diddling of underage celebrities, Charles Manson’s mindset and story, the ability for widowers to bag some tail, old Negro Leaguers, and discusses the made up movie Head Games.  Somehow Carolla casts the same people over and over in his made up movies, almost like a real Hollywood studio! Pick up a stone – Summer 2010.


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