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Celebrate 75 Years of Batman With Saturday Morning Comics

26 Jul

Celebrating 75 years of Batman!!!

Support The Comics Beat Patreon Crowdfunding Experiment

25 Jul

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Creepy Alex Ross Makes Creepy Batman & Robin Cover

16 Jul

For the 75th anniversary of Batman, legendary comic book artist (of Kingdom Come, Marvels and 5 million covers) created this spiffy cover:





Wait, that’s actually creepy as shit! Batman and Robin are gritting their teeth and grinning like they’re about to clock out a grandma crossing the street! And look at Batman’s muscles! Someone check the Batcave for HGH and syringes! What in the flying fudge is this?!


June 2014 Comic Book Numbers

14 Jul

June 2014 numbers are out for the North American direct market, Marvel is on top at 35%, Dc second at 33%, Image third at 10% for unit sales.   DC’s numbers were helped by various Bombshell variants put on their books (notably Harley Quinn catapulating into the top 5). Original Sin is one of Marvel’s lesser-performaning events in recent years, and it looks to not be much of a boost for many tie-ins in comparison to Dc’s just recently completed Forever Evil. Original Sins did debut at #50, much higher than Infinity’s tiein series’.

top 10 comics of June 2014:
1. Batman #32 DC 131K
2. Amazing Spider-Man #3 Marvel
3. Original Sin #3 Marvel
4. Harley Quinn #7 DC
5. Superman #32 Marvel (Johns/Romita’s first issue)
6. Original Sin #4 Marvel
7. Amazing Spider-Man 1.2 Marvel
8. Justice League #31 DC
9. Walking Dead #128 Image
10. Detective Comics #32 DC 72.9K

Top 100 non DC/Marvels:
9. Walking Dead #128 Image
11. Outcast #1 Image
20. Saga #20 Image
41. Wicked and Devine #1 Image
42. Serenity Leaves on the Wind #6 Dark Horse
77. Star Wars #18 Dark Horse
82. Sex Criminals #6 Imgae
86. Trees #2 Image
94. Big Trouble in Little China #1 Boom! 24K

Saga volume 1 has now sold over 100,000 copies. Afterlife with Archie #1 (11,733 copies) was the biggest selling trade of the month by more than double that of second place. It was also the first victory for Archie Comics.
2 through 10 were:
2. Night of Living Deadpool Marvel
3. Velvet vol 1 Image
4. Saga Vol 3 Image
5. Saga Vol 1 Image
6. Superior Spider-Man Vol 6 Goblin Nation Marvel
7. Batman & Robin Vol 3 Death of Family DC
8. Injustice Gods Vol 1 DC
9. Injustice Gods Vol 2 DC
10. Saga Vol 2 Image 3,271 copies

The lowest-selling Marvel ongoing not already cancelled is Avengers Undercover #6 at #126, 17,771 copies (Superior Foes is JUST above it). Iron Patriot was apparently a retroactive 5 issue mini and Ultimate FF was cancelled through #6.
The lowest-selling DC ongoing not already cancelled is Constantine #15 at #129 16,6704. DC does have six series below that playing out the string til their cancellation time.

My lowest-selling pull-list title is Letter 44 #7 at #263 on the list (6k copies!), though a trade of that is due out this month, so get ordering on this quality Charles Soule series.

Saturday Morning Comics #38: Coming For Batman

12 Jul

Question of the week: What is your favorite Batman cartoon?


Kyle!: Q – Batman: Animated Series (1991) Mad Love/Harley and Ivy
2.Punisher #8
1. Moon Knight #5

Silver Fox: Q – Super Friends, season 1 (1973)
3. Justice League #31
2. Green Arrow #33
1. Six Million Dollar Man #4

COC: Q – Batman: Animated Series (1991)
3. Captain America #22
2.Doctor Spektor #2
1.Miracleman #8

Hijacker Jen:
2. The Woods #3
1.  Madame Frankenstein #3

Forrest: Q – Batman/Superman Hour (1969)
Toymaster Lee: Q – Justice League Unlimited (2004) Kid Stuff


00:10 – general Batman TV discussion/question
00:30 – Killing Joke discussion
00:35 – NEWS Gail Simone, variants, Dark Circle Comics, casting news, new Jeff Lemire stuff
00:52 – The Woods #3
1:07 – Punisher #8
1:17 – Captain America #22
1:22 – Justice League #31
1:31 – Madame Frankenstein #2
1:47 – Doctor Spektor #2
1:54 – Green Arrow #33
2:03 – Moon Knight #5
2:14 – Miraclemen #8
2:24 – Six Million Dollar Man #4
2:35 – Tangets galore, TV, toys, ordering

Sorry. Not sorry.

Buy Fiction Squad By Paul Jenkins

8 Jul

Captain America!!! USA USA USA

5 Jul

Sleepy Hollow Comic To Be Published In October!

30 Jun


Fans of Sleepy Hollow, rejoice!  A new comic is coming your way, courtesy of Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Coelho (his cover above). And take heed, she’s a fan:

Did you look to other TV tie-in comics for ideas of what to do with “Sleepy Hollow?”

I’m afraid I did not! Most of the pitches I submitted, and indeed the ones that were chosen, all stemmed from fangirl love. Some aspects of each script arose while I was watching the show, wondering if these threads were things the writers had set down, while others were things I was dying to see explored, though I doubted the thrilling pace of the show might ever have the chance to pause over them. My research began as rewatching the show and taking notes as diligently and ferociously as though I were back in grad school, and ended deep in history books about the Revolutionary War.

It sounds like you’ve got a pretty good number of ideas for future “Sleepy Hollow” stories bubbling about.

Ha! I’d write Ichabod and Abbie through seven years of Witnessing, if they’d let me, and I’d be grateful every minute of it. It’s a brilliant, quirky, scary, fun show, and we’re fighting to live up to it every minute, in every way. I hope y’all love it as much as we do.


The Original Wonder Woman Strips To All Be Collected!

28 Jun

IDW Publishing announced the entire collection of 1943/1944 Wonder Woman which came out from King Features will be available later this year!!! Written by the original creator William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G Peters, these helped create the mythos and popularity surrounding the super heroine that is Wonder Woman.

Can. Not. Wait.


Levi With The Rock Bottom In AoT!

13 Jun



Sirens #1 Out In September, By George Perez

4 Jun



CBR has a great interview with legendary creator George Perez on his eye surgery, his new series, and his current state in the industry.

Wonderful Wonder Woman By Mike And Laura Allred

29 May

Terrific pop 60s cover! I wouldn’t mind an actual story done in this format.


Special Goodbye To All-Star Western and Jonah Hex

24 May

This Saturday Morning Comics has been pushed back a week because of a massive hail storm in PA. Most of our crew was affected but is doing okay now. This didn’t stop one of the crew from getting an interview from one very special guy. Take a listen to this “Special Goodbye”.

COPRA Gets A Trade!!!!

24 May

Michael Fiffe’s amazing superhero epic is finally getting a trade paperback.  The first six issues of COPRA, which were published through Bergen Street Press, are going to be collected and available for the low price of $19.95.  Anyone who is a fan of Suicide Squad NEEDS to read this book.  It’s due out in September.

Read #1 for FREE by clicking this very link.


Lying Cat Is Reading Daredevil

22 May

Or Daredevil is reading Saga:













ht BC


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