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BIG Eisner-Nominated Image Comics Sale On Comixology

16 Apr

Image Comics is offering a HUGE sale, anywhere from 50-66% off of their 2014 Eisner-nominated titles ranging from Saga to Rat Queens to Jonathan Hickman’s East of West and Manhattan Projects.  There’s something here for everyone.

Check it out!


Saturday Morning Comics #26: No-Frills

12 Apr

Excused the audio, we’re short our audio expert (PAX East came a calling’), Sit back and enjoy:

COC’s picks: 1.Aquaman and the Others #1/Detective Comics #30
2. Silver Surfer #1
3. Red Sonja #8

SMEs picks: 1.Dead Letters #1
2. Black Science #5
3. Moon Knight #2

Silver Fox’s picks: 1.Stormwatch #30
2. Inhuman #1
3. Green Arrow #30

Kyle’s picks: 1. Punisher #4

Marvel ‘Forgets’ Digital Code With $3.99 Superior Foes of Spider-Man #11???

11 Apr

Recently Marvel bumped Superior Foes of Spider-Man to $4 for the #11 issue.  This was fine to me since I love the series and understand how this works.  They are going to milk the remaining fans until it ends.  That’s fine.  I assumed this meant I would now receive a digital code, since Marvel’s normal practice is to provide a ‘free’ digital code with a $4 book.

Well, I picked up my issue this week and noticed NO digital code. I got a digital code for the Daredevil anniversary issue, Secret Avengers, Ghost Rider, all other $4 titles that came out this past week, EXCEPT for Foes.  I checked solicits for April and noticed nothing on any title regarding a bonus digital.

The last title to go from $2.99 to $3.99 mid-stream was Fearless Defenders. Issue 7 was $2.99, then issue 8 was $3.99.  It had a digital code attached to it, though.

What gives here?


First Camden Comic-Con A Success

7 Apr



The first annual Camden Comic Con was a success! Filled with fans of all ages, there was cosplaying, face-painting, comic hawking, cartooning, and all sorts of fun. And entry was free!  Here’s hoping Rutgers Camden holds it again, and here’s hoping it grows and grows.


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Saturday Morning Comics 25: JOHNNY BLAZE!

5 Apr

COCs picks: 1. Aquaman #29
2.  Marvelman #4
3.  All-Star Western #29

SMEs picks: 1. Iron Patriot #1
2. Uncanny Avengers #18 (free trade if you buy print edition)
3. Ghost Rider #1

Kyle’s! picks: 1. (not a pick) Revenge #2 note: NOT for children
2. New Avengers #16
3.  Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1

Silver Fox’s picks 1. Real Heroes #1
2. Sandman Overture #2
3. Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #5


error alert: Val Staples is a male, not a female.  MY BAD


The original Ghost Rider was Phantom Rider, until it became supernatural with Johnny Blaze!

Saturday Morning Comics #24: Very Meaty

29 Mar

COC’s picks: 1. Animal Man #29
2. Legenderry #3
3. Batman and Aquaman #29

SME’s picks: 1. American Vampire #1
2. Ms Marvel #2
3. Daredevil #1
DUD of the week: Sovereign #1

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. Curse #3
2. Wonder Woman #29
3. Batwoman #29
DUD of the week: Illegitamites #4

Kyle’s! picks:

1. Harley Quinn #4

COPRA’s Back!

25 Mar

The best comic you’ve never read.  Get on board, ASAP.

Saturday Morning Comics #23: Legs Wide Open

22 Mar

SMEs picks: 1. Fantastic Four #2
2.Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9
3. Hawkeye #17
OGN of the week: Ant Colony by Michael DeForge

COCs picks: 1. Superman/Wonderwoman #5
2.Nightwing #29
3.Magnus Robot Figher #1

Kyle’s! picks: 1. Captain Marvel #1
2. Avengers Undercover #1

Thank you 1up Collectibles!

Saturday Morning Comics #22: Put It In Your Mouth

15 Mar

SMEs picks: 1. Day Men #3
2.  Starlight #1 (also Jupiter’s Legacy #4)
3. Saviors #3

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. Fairest 24
2. Batman/Superman Annual #1
3. New Warriors #2

COCs picks: 1. Forever Evil #6
2. Aquaman #28
3. Moon Knight #1

Kyle!’s picks: 1. She-Hulk #2
2.  Punisher #3
3. Afterlife with Archie #4 (our pick of the week)

Saturday Morning Comics #21: 21 And Over

9 Mar

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. his couch cushions
2. fleece blanket
3. darkness provided by his eyelids

COCs picks:1. Thunder Agents #6
2. Doc Savage #3
3. Miracleman #3

SMEs picks: 1. Fantastic Four #1
2. Black Science #4
3. Chew #40


Echo Rift is Dead. For Real. They Mean It.

5 Mar

Will they be reborn? I don’t think so. Nothing dead ever comes back. There will be no phoenix moment for these two, no rebirth. No retribution.  The end has happened. The circle is closed.

Just wondering which podcast I will send my letters to now? Decisions, decisions.

Saturday Morning Comics #20 The Audio Killing Joke

2 Mar

OH NOES, the audio ninjas lopped off half our episode! Enjoy what’s left:

Saturday Morning Comics

COCs picks:  3. Amazing X-Men #4
2. Red Sonja #7
1.Daredevil #36

Silver Fox’s picks: 3. New Warriors #1

SMEs picks: 3. X-Files/TMNT Conspiracy #1
2. Wonder Woman #28
1. White Suits #1
Graphic Novel: Down Set Fight! from Oni Press

Kyle!’s picks: 3. Batman and Two-Face #28
2. Harley Quinn #3
1. Punisher #2

Project Black Sky Is Coming

21 Feb

Get caught up on Project Black Sky with these reads:

Blackout #1

Brain Boy: TPB Vol 1

Captain Midnight: TPB Vol 1 ,  TPB Vol 2

Ghost: TPB Vol 1, TPB Vol 2

Skyman: TPB Vol 1

The Occultist: TPB Vol 1, TPB Vol 2

X: TPB Vol 1, TPB Vol 2

Look for the signs


Day Men Print By Brian Stelfreeze!!

14 Feb

So happy I received this in the mail from Boom! Studios for participating in Day Men #1 and #2!! Thank you to all for this great print:


Captain America 2 Trailer: FALCON FALCON FALCON

3 Feb



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