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17 Mar

Traversing the internet for the best stuff in the past week:

New sites: Huff & Stapes, Ramblings, 1000 Awesome Things, A foot and a half

There was the must-see interview by Jon Stewart with Jim Cramer, where Stewart said ‘what the heck’ and Crame was all like ‘I know, I know’.
Then there was Philliesflow breaking down the Phillies in yet another meaningful way.
And Joaquin Phoenix decided to ‘attack’ a ‘fan’, and Film Junk breaks it down.
Lee Stranahan of interview Kevin Smith. Part 1, Part 2.
Phil Hellmuth spouts off while playing (and losing) online poker.  Pure gems inside.
Glenn Beck may actually think the X-Files was a documentary or something.
CBS is releasing its own version of The Office, re-done for its audience!
Finally, True Hoop put up a terrific assessment of playoff benches. The conclusion about the Sixers is theirs ain’t flashy, but they all know their roles.

Radio Is Dead, Podcast Your World

25 Feb

Do you have a 9 to 5 office job?  Do you have to drive somewhere on a daily basis?  Are you just one of the millions around the nation who likes to listen to the radio, but are tired of top 40 and ‘hot talk’ bullshit?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Here’s a non-comprehensive list of suggestions for you to download from iTunes, from the interwebs, wherever.  These are podcasts I listen to at work, or podcasts I recommend to others. Check ‘em out: Continue reading

Adam Carolla Is Reborn On The Interwebs

23 Feb

Aceman and his glorious rants will now be beaming purely via the internet, as his new podcast starts later tonight.  Follow this link to where you can follow his blog and podcast.  He’ll apparently be broadcasting nights, so one can download the hour long gem for tomorrow’s workday.  Keep hope alive, and keep on ranting about Labrea, traffic lights, crappy music, and much much more.  Here’s hoping some great guests will drop by for Adam to bounce ideas off.  Perhaps one T. Strasser?

Baby Eagles Fans And Other Internet Pages

12 Jan

Sorry, I just can’t help myself from laughing at pictures of old ladies with cats and baby Eagles fans all dressed up.

To the newspapers! Tom Friedman breaks down why the economic stimulus should include far more than highways and bridges…A Nashville councilman brings a pointless ballot measure up about the English language and government…William C Rhoden blames the NY Giants’ offensive struggles on the loss of wideout Plaxico Burress, and I can’t disagree…There are editorials in the Inky on Fairmount Park, Obama not staying at Blair House due to former Aussie PM John Howard, and a nuclear plant fine! I mostly just read these so I can read the comments section at the bottom; they’re special. Page Six finds out Marc and J Lo are worming their way into Obamaville! Malcolm Smith of Queens Borough now heads the New York State Senate. Good luck, you’ll need it, says The NY Daily News…Embattled Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon’s attorney is loud as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore!

And now, for the new links: Design with Intent, io9, Cinematical, The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.

So The Eagles played, and they won 23-11. McNabb made a phone call, Dawkins went crazy, and they march on to Glendale, AZ. Oh, and John Bolaris got a lot of TV time right in the middle of the game!

Deadspin steers us towards an article about girls wrestling! OH NOEZ! WHAT WILL ALL THOSE BOYS WITH HOMO EROTIC TENDENCIES DO NOW?! Empty The Bench is all about Paul Millsap over Carlos Boozer…Erin Andrews has a sister. Let the stalking commence…

We report that The Big Lead reports that Jay Glazer reports that Tony Dungy is done in Indianapolis. Everyone saw that coming.

TV Squad finds something Comedy Central is filming which I won’t watch. Hint, there’s a cable guy involved.

You think you know the top 10 most reliable car brands? Think again, sez The Consumerist.

Beerleaguer answers the question about what we should expect from Sir Jimmy Rollins in 2009…The Fightins’ do not like autograph sessions…Phillies Flow puts up more good stuff about walks.

Finally, get yourself over to for some serious political analysis with a statistical bent. My man is putting out good stuff on a daily basis. Now that he’s no longer on the election trail, he’s breaking down everything from the stimulus to asking about the chances of a depression to breaking down future elections. OK, so there’s always elections.

Why Bill Simmons Is Better Than Rick Reilly

18 Dec

He’s actually fun! Their most recent columns:

Bill Simmons
Mickey Rourke in a movie about pro wrestling? Bill is sold.‘Wrestler’ wins
Rick Reilly
Everyone hates Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina’s All-American poster boy. And it’s pretty obvious why … even to Psycho T.

Sure, his shtick may be tiring a bit after so many years of Saved By The Bell references, and 80s and 90s pop culture references, but it’s much better than Reilly’s sap and ‘wit’. Reilly’s latest column looks suspiciously like an FJM-style blog post. Plus, Simmons throws out an enjoyable podcast every week or so, while Reilly makes horrible appearances on the mothership.

Previewing The Upcoming Sixers/Cavaliers Games

9 Dec

Click here

The Blogdome Atlas!

10 Jul

Much love to Tom Ziller for creating this terrific atlas putting popular sports blogs on a scale of opinionated-informative and sexiness-staid.  Not surprisingly, Curt Schilling ain’t sexy:

Stephen Colbert Controls The Internet

12 May

He’s getting a Webby Award for his special achievement!!!  Check it out:

Stephen Colbert will be honored for the innovative way he has used the Internet to interact with fans of The Colbert Report – from Google bombing to make him the top search result for “greatest living American” to challenging the “truthiness” of Wikipedia. In his presidential campaign, the “One Million Strong for Stephen T. Colbert” Facebook group attracted more than 78 members per minute in its first week, while his supporters have raised more than $250,000 for the education charity

Stephen Colbert has finally been recognized by the most impressive awards show that deals with the internet. Colbert has changed the way his fans interact with his television program.  He deserves kudos for that. Other media outlets seem to ignore the way that Colbert rules, and even attempt to mock him:

Despite aggressive campaigning on Larry King Live, Today and his own show, the voters have spoken — and the winner is not Stephen Colbert. The falsely outraged host will reportedly address this slight on his eponymous pretend cable news program later this evening.

Dicks. Colbert is your god.

Links For Linking

1 May

Time to go linking, been a while.

New to the lineup: Keeping Up Foreign Relations, On The DL, The Recliner GM, happy pete’s traveling adventures, Crooks and Liars, Indecision 2008, Walkoff Walk, foodcourtlunch, Where’s He Get The Mask?, Deep Sixer

Awful Announcing sez Michelle Tafoya is a tad hypocritcal…More Costas Now fallout, with Will Leitch going on the Best Damn Sports Show Period and this guy putting the blam on lil’ Bob Costas…

Chris Paul would rather shoot a 300 game in bowling than score 50 points on the basketball court. Side note: Chris Paul is my new favorite basketball player…God, the Giants suck…Roger Clemens was horny, really horny…Hey, what about Desean Jackson?  WELL HERE’S A FREAKING STORY ABOUT HIM!…Wolf Pack sighting tonight at CBP???…

Ambition, Impatience and Sloth is all about policy, policy, policy!  But what about flag pins you commie whackjob?!…At least the GOP doesn’t bother with policy anymore…Field Negro is on Vince Fumo’s analogy about slavery and anti-gay amendments…adeel on uneducated buffoons and gas prices…phillyskyline is updating us on projects…Watch this piece about Scientology on Philadelphia Will Do for hilarious comments…OMGZ!!!!1 Demi Moore!!! WITH HER DAUGHTER! IN PHILLY!!! EATING FOOD!! PLEASE TELL ME MORE!!!…Nelson Mandela is on the freakin’ terrorist watch list. *cough*  And Attytood is against family values such as preventing our nation from falling into a pit of sin and depravity by not allowing gays to publicly screw in front of little children! Despicable.

Beerleaguer on things changing…Philliesflow interviews a Braves fan…traitor…David Murphy writes about Charlie Manuel perhaps being the glue that held this team together during April…Post about CBP here

Buzz Bissinger Thinks You’re Full Of Shit

1 May

Methinks Buzz is just angry and he doesn’t really know why. Other blogs have written far more eloquent pieces, so I’m just going to post the video and simply state that ‘Buzz’ (really? Buzz? REALLY?) doesn’t understand the difference between a commenter and the guy who writes the blog posts. He also doesn’t understand crude humor, snark, or sarcasm. That may be part of why he sees such a problem with so much ‘vulgarity’ and ‘dishonesty’ and ‘speed’. People post their reactions to events and to other people’s opinions. Some blogs are better than others. Blogs have different missions. Some are poignant, some are funny, some seek to open dialogue, and some are just an outlet for somebody with opinions. Many people writing for blogs are smart people with *GASP* journalistic backgrounds. Hell, some newspapers actually embrace blogs and the internet. Imagine that.

Methinks Buzz is just angry. Angry that he is no longer the ‘voice’ of the fan and that he has to share that with, well, fans. Angry that there’s this ever-growing segment of people that won’t just lap up and take as gospel whatever he and other columnists write. Funny thing is, he has written some pretty good, if sappy, stuff. He just sounds bitter when he tries to rail against the ‘degradation’ of society while he is happy to throw out multiple curse words and character assasinate someone else in the process. He doesn’t want blogs to do that though; leave that job to the experts who’ve spent years perfecting their craft.

(courtesy Awful Announcing)

And enjoy Buzz weirdly attacking someone on the radio. How vulgar. <– Ha, see what I just did right there? Tearing down, not building up!

Newsflash: The Internets Has Scams And Disinformation

21 Jan

Veteran newsman Larry Kane apparently has his own website where he gives opinions on various happenings, sort of like every other blog out there in the world wide interwebs.  He recently found out, by putting his feet to the pavement and digging up the truth, that the information superhighway may include some unscrupulous people spreading untruths:

What a bunch of information garbage. I don’t blame the customer, but I DO blame people who read very bad rumor and innuendo on the web and decide that it has to be true. The phony report on Starbucks goes back to 2004. Old story – new spin. Also being featured on the web – those phony reports on Barack Obama’, John Edwards, Mike Huckabee and of course the Hate Hillary sites, and the attacks on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism, and so many more.

These reports are laughable and at the same time scary, because people spread them like wildfire.

The web is a great resource, but edit your information carefully. Many sites and messages are filled with hatred and distortions that are fueled by political manipulators .

NEWSFLASH AT 11!! Welcome to 1995 Larry.  He does offer some advice for his readers:

Don’t believe everything you read, unless, of course, it is printed here!

I believe you Larry. Your eyebrows are trustworthy.  Everybody go to Larry’s blog to get the real scoop on whether Dick Cheney is a cyborg or if Barack Obama is an American-hating Muslim.  And also go to him for all your Beatles information, he’s an expert on the band.

Links For Linking

22 Oct

A Wheels 4 HOG Blog update!!!!… YouTube For Everyday Has the 10! Show Muff Clip!

new links: Poker To Watch,Game On, Broad Street Bastards,Jeremy Slater, Sloth Street

Sports Roundup Time: OMG FIELD GOAL RECORD!!! sez With Leather…Let the Johan Santana to the Yankees trade rumors commence, says MLB Trade RumorsDeadspin writes about the Patriots pulling a dick move…It’s from Thursday, but King Kaufmann over at Salon wrote a great piece about the Cleveland Indians bizarre mascot and the red face paint going on in O-HI-O.

A Citizen’s Blog has a great catch-all post, involving Red Sox/Indians, Rowand, and more… Balls, Sticks & Stuff is weighing the pros and cons of Curt Schilling back in the Phillies pinstripes.  On the one hand, pinstripes are slimming but, on the other hand, red doesn’t go with his eyes.  It’s a toss-up…Beerleaguer lets us in on the big news; the Phils are signing independent league players!…Philliesflow is STILL talking Phillies.  This guy must really love these guys…Phuture Phillies is more active than ever, he’s got lots of shit going on over there. Does this guy have a job?…We Should Be GMs is talking Paul Byrd and trade rumors.  Speaking of Byrd, dude loves porn, HGH and mullets.  This guy must throw some sick parties…dajafi over at The Good Phight is talking closers…

ROB NEYER INTERVIEW AT HARDBALL TIMES!…Max Kellerman gets a co-host? writes the Big Lead….Mr. Passion and Pride predicts….This guy bleeds green, so much so he’s willing to recap yesterday’s Eagles game… Christ, the guys at 700 Level talk Eagles too?!?!….Sixers Journal talks about Andre Iguodala…

NBC decides to yank its Youtube channel, and put everything on its own website, thus requiring about 80,000 more clicks to get to the same video clips…

Hey Yo, says  Comcast Center!

adeel takes on that muslim Obama…John Swift is the best…The PA Progressive tips his hat to the gains the Democratic party is making in Montgomery County.  Methinks he should tip his hat to macro-population shifts, but it’s still a good sign…Christ, this is one Angry, Black WomanStephen Colbert Meets the Presscrashburnalley writes about the 9/11 whackjobs that infiltrated Bill Maher’s show this past Friday.  What a bunch of jackasses:

Links for Linking

21 Aug

New link time: Vegas Poker Scene, Yard Work, I’m Writing Sports, crashburnalley, and Nyjer Please.

And now, the Phils:  The Phils pitching kinda sucks says A Citizen’s Blog…those sabreboys over at The Good Phight needs to get a grip…Mr Bill at crashburnalley pleads patience with Mr Utley.

General sports are cool too:  Basketbawful has the greatest post of all-time ever all-time in the history of all-time on pickup defense..Deadspin is nominating Sean ‘dick pic’ Salisbury…It’s Cold Stove time (already?) at The FeedThe Starting Five is posting….and it’s AFC East preview time over at The Big Lead. Finally, Rex Grossman blows

Random shit: Polar bears are whoresAmbition, Impatience and Sloth dislikes him some Clintons…192 comments on one piece at says people love their pets…Bill O’Reilly forgets about his two month ultimatum over at Media Matters….Universal Disdain says Maria Sharapova is a bad lay….and Larry Brown Sports does the creepy old man routine with newly-minted 18 year old Hayden Panettiere…Finally, Kristen Bell is going to Heroes.

Brad Maule Is Another Famous Person I Know

18 Jul

The man that runs got some MAJOR pub in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Business section on Monday. The piece focused on how developers in the community have used it as a tool to spy on their competition and even promote their own properties by letting Brad give photo tours which he then uploads to his site. While I personally enjoy the neighborhood tours far more, there is no denying that his building photo essays are simply tremendous…and news that important people in the real estate business use them only cements this idea.

Yes, the man from little Tyrone, PA has arrived. And OK, I sort of have a man crush on him because of his tremendous photo skills, but an unbiased observer can definitely appreciate the hard work he puts into every photo essay and each update to his site. Keep up the good work Brad! Even if you do use the ‘we’ blog-speak at your site!

Links for Linking

6 Jul

New blog links! The Starting Five, A Price Above Bip Roberts, sixers 4 guidos, the Hater Nation, DH Schleicher, and Brian Townsend.

Time to start with the Phils links: The Good Phight discusses stolen bases (EXCITING YES!)…the Chris Wheeler 4 HOF Action Blog resurfaces with a piece extolling the virtues of Chris Wheeler…A Citizen’s Blog predicts a sweep against the Rockies! Unfortunately, he’s predicting it FOR the Rockies… and Balls, Sticks, & Stuff is primed for trading season baby, PRIMED…and We Should Be GMs discusses the career of one Reggie Taylor.  Don’t bring up those memories, I had suppressed them.

yo, the field negro is SLIPPING, but Capitol Ideas is on the top of his game with this budget impasse thing, while Ambition, Impatience and Sloth is all about giving Obama love.

Passion and Pride is wondering who is going to shine for the Sixers in Las Vegas…Empty the Bench is breaking down the Ray Allen trade like 9 paragraphs DEEP. Now that’s analysis baby…and Dan Patrick did NOT interview for The Price is Right.

Philadelphia Will Do visits the always good Philadelphia Bulletin for some easy laughs about rape… The Starting Five is worried about the state of tennis…The Big Lead finds out that Reggie Bush is a smooth operator…and Phil Mushnick has fucking had it with your fucking bullshit John Sterling!

And finally, Joe Biden is all over Twice. You go boy.


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