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Saturday Morning Comics #44: Ripping Into Comics

23 Aug

What is your favorite Transformer character, from any era?

COC – Jazz GN.1
SME – Starscream
SF – Optimus Prime
Toymaster -Jetfire GN.1
Kyle! – Grimlock GN.1

Silver Fox
3.Kevin Keller #14
2.Armor Hunters #3
1.Unity #10

3.Original Sin #7
2.Wolverine #11
1.Starlight #5

Coin-op Chris
3. Batman #34
2. Captain America #23
1. Red Sonja #11

2.Injustice Season Two #9
1.Harley Quinn #9

1min: Question and Transformers discussion
11min: Milo Manara controversy!!! and Hulk comics
22min: Kevin Keller #14
32min: Batman #34
46min: Rags Morales announcement!!!! next week: Interview!
56min: Original Sin #7 and mentioning Original Sins #5
1:07min: Armor Hunters #3
1:19min: Captain America #23
1:27min: Injustice Season 2 #9
1:39min: Wolverine #11
1:52min: Batgirl #34 mention; thanks for the memories, Gail
1:54min: Unity #10
2:06min: Red Sonja #11
2:18min: Harley Quinn #9
2:33min: Starlight #5
2:41min: Kyle! answers the question


19 Aug


Be Free by J. Cole

15 Aug

J Cole – Be Free

Saturday Morning Comics #41: Keep It Tight

2 Aug


24 Reasons Buzzfeed Listicles Are The Worst

22 May

1. Cheap hits.

2. There are no other reasons.

Gotham Looks To Be A Good Arrow, Picked Up By FOX For 13 Episodes

5 May

Yessssssss. The list of actors is terrific.  Take away the goofiness of Arrow, add good actors and a good script, and I think that will be Gotham. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and the Penguin (Robin Taylor) are PERFECTLY cast, with Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) looking promising as well.

Comixology Removes Ipad, Iphone Storefronts

27 Apr

hat tip Bleeding Cool (yeah, I said it)

Welp, it’s begun:

The convenience of buying comics directly from your iPad throughcomiXology‘s app is a thing of the past. The company, which is being acquired by Amazon, announced today that users can no longer purchase comics on iOS devices.

In a post on their Tumblr account, comiXology revealed they are “retiring” their current app for iOS systems and have replaced it with a “new reader app.” The new app is, as the name implies, just for reading comics – the storefront is gone. Users will have to purchase comics at and then sync their purchases to the new app.

The change apparently only affects the comiXology app — the individual publisher apps for Marvel, DC, Image and others don’t appear to be affected at this time.

The new process is easy as pie:

1. Go to comixology and buy a comic

2. Go to reader app on phone/ipad

3. Download

4. Read!


As a peace offering, they’re going to give you five bucks. So there’s that.


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