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Brunch So Hard

19 Mar

Captain America 2 Trailer: FALCON FALCON FALCON

3 Feb


Dancin’ Kid Vs Usher: Pistons Game

25 Nov

Pistons lovin’ it

Michael Carter Williams Sez Welcome To the Future

30 Oct

We’ve got fun and games

Superhero by Tim McMorris

12 Oct

Movie Of The Year? Fruitvale Station

13 Aug

Everywhere You Look It’s Jesse And The Rippers

21 Jul

Nice fake hair

Amazing Spiderman 2 Trailer Tease

18 Jul

Sinister Six??? Anyhoo, teasin’

McDonald’s Is Helping You Budget!!!

14 Jul

You just need two crappy jobs at 40 hours a week and you can pay for everything! Except food! And heat! And health insurance!

A Change Is Gonna Come

14 Jul

Strive. Future. Go.

Do NOT Suggest Closing The Parliament Bar in Ireland

13 Jul

You WILL feel the wrath.

Jon Stewart Should Be The Ambassador To The World

22 Jun

He’s damn good. Here he is dropping by the Egyptian TV show Al Barhnameg (The Program) to discuss his coming movie:

Erdogan sends in the police to seal Taksim Square, Clear Gezi Park

15 Jun

No, he’s all for democracy in Turkey:

Montell Jordan Texts On An Old Ass Phone

7 Jun

Love the Motorola flip, Montell:

The most satisfying/saddest movie ending of all-time

3 Mar

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