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5 Jul

Sleepy Hollow Comic To Be Published In October!

30 Jun


Fans of Sleepy Hollow, rejoice!  A new comic is coming your way, courtesy of Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Coelho (his cover above). And take heed, she’s a fan:

Did you look to other TV tie-in comics for ideas of what to do with “Sleepy Hollow?”

I’m afraid I did not! Most of the pitches I submitted, and indeed the ones that were chosen, all stemmed from fangirl love. Some aspects of each script arose while I was watching the show, wondering if these threads were things the writers had set down, while others were things I was dying to see explored, though I doubted the thrilling pace of the show might ever have the chance to pause over them. My research began as rewatching the show and taking notes as diligently and ferociously as though I were back in grad school, and ended deep in history books about the Revolutionary War.

It sounds like you’ve got a pretty good number of ideas for future “Sleepy Hollow” stories bubbling about.

Ha! I’d write Ichabod and Abbie through seven years of Witnessing, if they’d let me, and I’d be grateful every minute of it. It’s a brilliant, quirky, scary, fun show, and we’re fighting to live up to it every minute, in every way. I hope y’all love it as much as we do.


No Matter What a Stripper Tells You

29 Jun

There’s no Sex in the Champagne Room.

Get Ready For Embiid City, Philly

28 Jun

Dude seems fun.

The Original Wonder Woman Strips To All Be Collected!

28 Jun

IDW Publishing announced the entire collection of 1943/1944 Wonder Woman which came out from King Features will be available later this year!!! Written by the original creator William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G Peters, these helped create the mythos and popularity surrounding the super heroine that is Wonder Woman.

Can. Not. Wait.


Levi With The Rock Bottom In AoT!

13 Jun



The Dinklage Of Thrones Theme Song

9 Jun

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