Saturday Morning Comics 25: JOHNNY BLAZE!

5 Apr

COCs picks: 1. Aquaman #29
2.  Marvelman #4
3.  All-Star Western #29

SMEs picks: 1. Iron Patriot #1
2. Uncanny Avengers #18 (free trade if you buy print edition)
3. Ghost Rider #1

Kyle’s! picks: 1. (not a pick) Revenge #2 note: NOT for children
2. New Avengers #16
3.  Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1

Silver Fox’s picks 1. Real Heroes #1
2. Sandman Overture #2
3. Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #5


error alert: Val Staples is a male, not a female.  MY BAD


The original Ghost Rider was Phantom Rider, until it became supernatural with Johnny Blaze!

WOW That’s Funny Stuff

4 Apr

After Blizzard announced a World of Warcraft expansion:


Saturday Morning Comics #24: Very Meaty

29 Mar

COC’s picks: 1. Animal Man #29
2. Legenderry #3
3. Batman and Aquaman #29

SME’s picks: 1. American Vampire #1
2. Ms Marvel #2
3. Daredevil #1
DUD of the week: Sovereign #1

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. Curse #3
2. Wonder Woman #29
3. Batwoman #29
DUD of the week: Illegitamites #4

Kyle’s! picks:

1. Harley Quinn #4

Old Man Yells At Cloud, Reading Eagle prints it

28 Mar

The Reading Eagle strikes again!  One of the best yet:

Being an elder member of the population, I find myself bemused by the changes in society today. People communicate with each other by using their thumbs instead of their mouths, sometimes when in the same house.

I place a phone call and am greeted by a robotic voice offering a menu of options instead of a human being. A menu used to be something handed to you in a restaurant.

Cars have become rolling phone booths occupied by drivers watching screens instead of the road.

Terminology also has changed. A cell was something inside a body or a room occupied by a prison inmate, not a communication device. “Gay” just meant happy. A “tweet” was a sound a bird made. “Going viral” usually meant a flu epidemic, not something spreading over a computer.

I know society evolves, but I sometimes wonder if this is really progress, and I yearn for simpler times.

Thomas Donahue



His next letter will tackle horseless carriages, automated teller machines, and maybe finally bring up this nasty Prohibition. 

COPRA’s Back!

25 Mar

The best comic you’ve never read.  Get on board, ASAP.

Saturday Morning Comics #23: Legs Wide Open

22 Mar

SMEs picks: 1. Fantastic Four #2
2.Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9
3. Hawkeye #17
OGN of the week: Ant Colony by Michael DeForge

COCs picks: 1. Superman/Wonderwoman #5
2.Nightwing #29
3.Magnus Robot Figher #1

Kyle’s! picks: 1. Captain Marvel #1
2. Avengers Undercover #1

Thank you 1up Collectibles!

Brunch So Hard

19 Mar

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