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Get Ready For Embiid City, Philly

28 Jun

Dude seems fun.

Bye Bye Spence

20 Feb

via SI:

Cleveland will send two second-round picks and forward Earl Clark (per a Turner Sports report) to Philadelphia as part of the trade, which will also include at least one other player. The Cavaliers don’t have a traded player exception with which to absorb Hawes’ salary, so they will have to roughly match his incoming $6.5 million in order to make the deal legal. Clark’s $4.3 million alone isn’t quite enough to satisfy the league’s salary-matching rules, though the other players in the deal were not immediately known.

Pile up those picks for the coming draft, Hink-man! Brooklyn for the draft, anyone?


Jrue Holiday: All Star

27 Jan


15 Aug


Sixers Stung By The Hornets, Lose 101-86

27 Jan


Liveblogging Sixers/Mavs Second Half

19 Jan

The greatest liveblog known to man…

Liveblogging The 76ers vs the Mavericks

19 Jan

2:06 – Mavs end the first half within 4 points, and the score sits at 46-42 as we enter halftime.  The buzzer couldn’t come sooner as the Mavs started hitting their shots, the Sixers were rushing shots on offense, and the lead was dwindling.  Time to regroup as they enter the tunnel. Continue reading


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