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Everywhere You Look It’s Jesse And The Rippers

21 Jul

Nice fake hair

Congratulations On Your Cancellation, Matthew Perry

13 May

Support Conan, Screw NBC

8 Jan

So NBC really gave Conan a big shot.  While Conan O’Brien’s new Tonight Show has had a decline in ratings, NBC has been working behind the scenes to complete sabotage Conan’s show by moving it to 12:05 and moving the amazing Jay Leno Show to 11:35.  This would reward Leno for his horrible ratings, shtick and show, and punish Conan for doing an admirable job. Makes complete sense!

What to do?  Conan now has the option to leave NBC or accept their terms.  Personally, I’d prefer he move to another network, but would he be willing to go out on the market?  ABC has invested in Jimmy Kimmel, but previously showed a willingness to go after David Letterman when his contract was up.  While Conan is not on Letterman’s level, he has cache and hits key demographic targets.  Plus, he’s just good.  A combinaton of Kimmel and O’Brien would instantly crush Leno/Jimmy Fallon in the talent department, and certainly work well against Letterman/Carig Ferguson.

Or he could go to FOX and make it a four-way battle.  While fun for us viewers, this would be crazy and someone would almost certainly be crushed in the end. I’ll support Conan no matter where he goes, and I can’t hate Jay Leno the person, but I can certainly despise the way NBC handled their late-night lineup.  First they get rid of five hours of programming to have more people talking on chairs and couches, and now that it isn’t working they’re making O’Brien’s Tonight Show the scapegoat.

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

27 Jul

Remember the time I put this shit up? Now watch it

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

20 Jul

Remember the time we had our own little Truman Show?  And remember when the one kid from the Mighty Ducks was at Pennbrook?!?!?!

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

6 Jul

Remember when the Matthews and Hunter clans celebrated Thanksgiving? GOBBLE GOBBLE BITCHES

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

29 Jun

Remember the time Cory and Shawn had a friend who had a problem at home but couldn’t go to the cops?  This is my serious business face.

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

22 Jun

Remember the time Eric went on Singled Out?! OH MY FREAKIN GOD

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

15 Jun

Remember the time Shawn’s dad was the janitor? And Shawn had a problem with it? Oh my, the lessons we learned.

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

8 Jun

Top five episode alert; the one where Eric is a shallow boy. Shallow indeed.

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

1 Jun

Remember the time Shawn’s mom was in a hotel ACROSS THE STREET?!?!

Boy Meets World Tuesdays!!!

26 May

PUMPED to be back in action! Remember the time Cory’s dad quit his job?! OH MAN

What To Watch To Get Caught Up For Lost

18 May

Boy Meets World Mondays Mondays!!!

18 May

Remember the time Eric went on the road and wasn’t going to come back?! OH MY WORD

LOST: Jacob and Esau

14 May

Esau, twin of Jacob:

The Bible identifies Esau as the fraternal twin brother of Jacob, the grandson of  Abraham. Jacob became the father of the Israelites after God (Genesis 35:10) renamed Jacob “Israel.” Thus Esau shared his mother’s womb together with the founder of the nation of Israel. See Genesis 25. Although Esau was Isaac’s first-born entitled to inherit Isaac’s wealth and blessing, Esau sold his birthright to his younger brother Jacob (Israel) for a pot of stew. The descendants of Esau and Israel led divergent paths with Edom settling east of modern day Israel forming tribal chiefs while Jacob traveled all of Israel, his inheritance.


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