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June 2014 Comic Book Numbers

14 Jul

June 2014 numbers are out for the North American direct market, Marvel is on top at 35%, Dc second at 33%, Image third at 10% for unit sales.   DC’s numbers were helped by various Bombshell variants put on their books (notably Harley Quinn catapulating into the top 5). Original Sin is one of Marvel’s lesser-performaning events in recent years, and it looks to not be much of a boost for many tie-ins in comparison to Dc’s just recently completed Forever Evil. Original Sins did debut at #50, much higher than Infinity’s tiein series’.

top 10 comics of June 2014:
1. Batman #32 DC 131K
2. Amazing Spider-Man #3 Marvel
3. Original Sin #3 Marvel
4. Harley Quinn #7 DC
5. Superman #32 Marvel (Johns/Romita’s first issue)
6. Original Sin #4 Marvel
7. Amazing Spider-Man 1.2 Marvel
8. Justice League #31 DC
9. Walking Dead #128 Image
10. Detective Comics #32 DC 72.9K

Top 100 non DC/Marvels:
9. Walking Dead #128 Image
11. Outcast #1 Image
20. Saga #20 Image
41. Wicked and Devine #1 Image
42. Serenity Leaves on the Wind #6 Dark Horse
77. Star Wars #18 Dark Horse
82. Sex Criminals #6 Imgae
86. Trees #2 Image
94. Big Trouble in Little China #1 Boom! 24K

Saga volume 1 has now sold over 100,000 copies. Afterlife with Archie #1 (11,733 copies) was the biggest selling trade of the month by more than double that of second place. It was also the first victory for Archie Comics.
2 through 10 were:
2. Night of Living Deadpool Marvel
3. Velvet vol 1 Image
4. Saga Vol 3 Image
5. Saga Vol 1 Image
6. Superior Spider-Man Vol 6 Goblin Nation Marvel
7. Batman & Robin Vol 3 Death of Family DC
8. Injustice Gods Vol 1 DC
9. Injustice Gods Vol 2 DC
10. Saga Vol 2 Image 3,271 copies

The lowest-selling Marvel ongoing not already cancelled is Avengers Undercover #6 at #126, 17,771 copies (Superior Foes is JUST above it). Iron Patriot was apparently a retroactive 5 issue mini and Ultimate FF was cancelled through #6.
The lowest-selling DC ongoing not already cancelled is Constantine #15 at #129 16,6704. DC does have six series below that playing out the string til their cancellation time.

My lowest-selling pull-list title is Letter 44 #7 at #263 on the list (6k copies!), though a trade of that is due out this month, so get ordering on this quality Charles Soule series.

Saturday Morning Comics #31: A Few Hot Loads

10 May

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SME’s picks: 3. GOTG/Rocket Raccoon FCBD
2. Ryan Kelly’s Funrama #2
1. Chew #41

COC’s picks: 3. Amazing Spider-Man #1
2. Silver Surfer #2
1. Southern Bastards #1

Silver Fox’s picks: 3. Project Black Sky FCBD
2. Rai #1
1.  Black Science #6

Kyle! 2. Zombie Tramp FCBD (not for kiddies)
1. Future’s End FCBD

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Spider-Man Family Business

5 May

Get it, it was terrific:

Saturday Morning Comics #30: Saturday Morning Deathmatch

3 May

If you’re not at Free Comic Book Day, please listen to this week’s episode (sans me again); NSFW:

Saturday Morning Comics #26: No-Frills

12 Apr

Excused the audio, we’re short our audio expert (PAX East came a calling’), Sit back and enjoy:

COC’s picks: 1.Aquaman and the Others #1/Detective Comics #30
2. Silver Surfer #1
3. Red Sonja #8

SMEs picks: 1.Dead Letters #1
2. Black Science #5
3. Moon Knight #2

Silver Fox’s picks: 1.Stormwatch #30
2. Inhuman #1
3. Green Arrow #30

Kyle’s picks: 1. Punisher #4

Marvel ‘Forgets’ Digital Code With $3.99 Superior Foes of Spider-Man #11???

11 Apr

Recently Marvel bumped Superior Foes of Spider-Man to $4 for the #11 issue.  This was fine to me since I love the series and understand how this works.  They are going to milk the remaining fans until it ends.  That’s fine.  I assumed this meant I would now receive a digital code, since Marvel’s normal practice is to provide a ‘free’ digital code with a $4 book.

Well, I picked up my issue this week and noticed NO digital code. I got a digital code for the Daredevil anniversary issue, Secret Avengers, Ghost Rider, all other $4 titles that came out this past week, EXCEPT for Foes.  I checked solicits for April and noticed nothing on any title regarding a bonus digital.

The last title to go from $2.99 to $3.99 mid-stream was Fearless Defenders. Issue 7 was $2.99, then issue 8 was $3.99.  It had a digital code attached to it, though.

What gives here?


Saturday Morning Comics 25: JOHNNY BLAZE!

5 Apr

COCs picks: 1. Aquaman #29
2.  Marvelman #4
3.  All-Star Western #29

SMEs picks: 1. Iron Patriot #1
2. Uncanny Avengers #18 (free trade if you buy print edition)
3. Ghost Rider #1

Kyle’s! picks: 1. (not a pick) Revenge #2 note: NOT for children
2. New Avengers #16
3.  Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1

Silver Fox’s picks 1. Real Heroes #1
2. Sandman Overture #2
3. Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #5


error alert: Val Staples is a male, not a female.  MY BAD


The original Ghost Rider was Phantom Rider, until it became supernatural with Johnny Blaze!

Saturday Morning Comics #24: Very Meaty

29 Mar

COC’s picks: 1. Animal Man #29
2. Legenderry #3
3. Batman and Aquaman #29

SME’s picks: 1. American Vampire #1
2. Ms Marvel #2
3. Daredevil #1
DUD of the week: Sovereign #1

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. Curse #3
2. Wonder Woman #29
3. Batwoman #29
DUD of the week: Illegitamites #4

Kyle’s! picks:

1. Harley Quinn #4

Saturday Morning Comics #22: Put It In Your Mouth

15 Mar

SMEs picks: 1. Day Men #3
2.  Starlight #1 (also Jupiter’s Legacy #4)
3. Saviors #3

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. Fairest 24
2. Batman/Superman Annual #1
3. New Warriors #2

COCs picks: 1. Forever Evil #6
2. Aquaman #28
3. Moon Knight #1

Kyle!’s picks: 1. She-Hulk #2
2.  Punisher #3
3. Afterlife with Archie #4 (our pick of the week)

Saturday Morning Comics #20 The Audio Killing Joke

2 Mar

OH NOES, the audio ninjas lopped off half our episode! Enjoy what’s left:

Saturday Morning Comics

COCs picks:  3. Amazing X-Men #4
2. Red Sonja #7
1.Daredevil #36

Silver Fox’s picks: 3. New Warriors #1

SMEs picks: 3. X-Files/TMNT Conspiracy #1
2. Wonder Woman #28
1. White Suits #1
Graphic Novel: Down Set Fight! from Oni Press

Kyle!’s picks: 3. Batman and Two-Face #28
2. Harley Quinn #3
1. Punisher #2

Saturday Morning Comics #18: Valentine’s Special

9 Feb

A DC Annual tradition! Starring the bazooms of justice

SME’s picks: 1. Black Science #3
2. Uncanny Avengers #16
3. Unwritten: Apocalypse #1

COC’s picks: 1. All-Star Western #27
2. Furious #1 from Darkhorse

SFs picks: 1. Batman and Robin Annual #2
2. World’s Finest Annual #1
3. Earth 2 Annual #2

Captain America 2 Trailer: FALCON FALCON FALCON

3 Feb


Kaare Andrews To Write And Draw Iron Fist!!!

8 Jan

Marvel has tapped terrific artist Kaare Andrews to write an ongoing Iron Fist book called Ironfist: The Living Weapon, which he described as ‘a bloody revenge-fueled martial arts epic’. Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction had a terrific series in the 00s starring Iron Fist, and it makes me excited to see the followup. Marvel’s renewed emphasis on character development and solo titles (see, Moon Knight) may lead to another Hawkeye or Daredevil gem. Between this, the upcoming Black Widow, Loki, Ms. Marvel, etc. , they are throwing everything at the metaphorical wall. Let’s hope some good stuff sticks.

Preview art:



I’m Loving The Moon Knight Preview Art

27 Dec

You had me at Warren Ellis, but you hooked me in for good with Declan Shavley:

What Kind of Sick Person Would Buy This Wolverine Book?

6 Jun

Clocking in at over 700+ pages, oversized, hardcover that weighs 16 lbs, Wolverine Adamantium Collection just came on the market (from Marvel, of course). If you can’t read it in bed, it’s not a book, folks. If it will mess up your back trying to lift it, it’s not a book, folks. If you can work up a sweat lifting it over your head, it’s not a book, folks.

Buy some trades or something.


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