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Gotham Looks To Be A Good Arrow, Picked Up By FOX For 13 Episodes

5 May

Yessssssss. The list of actors is terrific.  Take away the goofiness of Arrow, add good actors and a good script, and I think that will be Gotham. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and the Penguin (Robin Taylor) are PERFECTLY cast, with Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) looking promising as well.

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

15 Jun

Remember the time Shawn’s dad was the janitor? And Shawn had a problem with it? Oh my, the lessons we learned.

It’s Arrested Development

10 Jun

A love between two cousins…ewwwwww

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

8 Jun

Top five episode alert; the one where Eric is a shallow boy. Shallow indeed.

It’s Arrested Development

4 Jun

Man, it’s always weird finding out your father is your uncle.

Ricky Gervais Is Writing President Obama

2 Jun

In Ricky Gervais’ latest appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, he revealed he had a little something to say to President Obama about an issue he had about Paris Hilton.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

It’s Arrested Development

21 May

What if Arrested Development spawned a two-hour documentary where people talked to a camera about how funny they found the show? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

OK You Can All Shut Up About It, Chuck Has Been Renewed

18 May

Rest easy Chuck fans, your precious show has been saved.  NBC announced it’s renewed the beloved Josh Schwartz product for a 13 episode season 3, ensuring fan boys everywhere can stop spending $5 plus tax every day at their local family Subway restaurant. The average-rated hour-long fun fest will return with what will likely be less filler and more story, as the season 2 finale threw a game-changer in the mix when Chuck (Zachary Levi) became a new and improved ‘intersect’ who now knows Kung Fu!  Yay!

Congrats Chucksters, and please don’t do this again.  Is the show really THAT GOOD?  I viewed this like the previous attempts to save the former CBS show Jericho. I just don’t get people pining for more of a show that’s really just an hour of fun and cheesy fluff.  It’d be like me starting a campaign to save the cancellation of Yes, Dear.  You’ve gotten your second chance, now run with it like Family Guy did.  Either get your buddies to start watching, or accept its eventual demise.  I’m still waiting for The Critic to get resurrected, again.

LOST: Jacob and Esau

14 May

Esau, twin of Jacob:

The Bible identifies Esau as the fraternal twin brother of Jacob, the grandson of  Abraham. Jacob became the father of the Israelites after God (Genesis 35:10) renamed Jacob “Israel.” Thus Esau shared his mother’s womb together with the founder of the nation of Israel. See Genesis 25. Although Esau was Isaac’s first-born entitled to inherit Isaac’s wealth and blessing, Esau sold his birthright to his younger brother Jacob (Israel) for a pot of stew. The descendants of Esau and Israel led divergent paths with Edom settling east of modern day Israel forming tribal chiefs while Jacob traveled all of Israel, his inheritance.

It’s Arrested Development

14 May

What if the Bluths were in an action film?!

Ricky Gervais Meets Kathy Griffin

12 May

Is he gay?  By meeting Kathy Griffin he just gained a few points.   Kathy proceeds to interview him about his celebrity status, as well as other celebs like Oprah Winfrey and her prison, er school, for girls in Africa.

Handicapping Stephen Colbert vs. Richard Branson

11 May

Richard Branson, adventurer and billionaire British business mogul, recently stepped out and challeneged the esteemed Stephen Colbert to a fist-fight during a recent interview with Arianna Huffington. When asked by her which historical figure he’d fist-fight, Branson at first picked Marc Antony, but then changed his tune:

“We [Virgin America] named a plane after him, and now he already wants a spaceship named after him. He’s getting far too big for his boots. We’ll fist-fight the next time I see him.”

Perhaps Branson is the one getting too big for his britches.  He does have Virgin Galactic, where he could’ve offered Colbert to rename his spaceship from SpaceShipTwo (inventive!) to something like, I don’t know, Colbert In Space.

Colbert then suggested his idea for a duel.  Fight with nude models on their backs!

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Colbert-Branson Duel
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Who would win this match between two titans?  Branson, a business tycoon and amateur thrill-seeker, or Colbert, the toughest interview in the biz? Let’s break it down with their strengths and weaknesses. First, Branson. The Brit started with just Virgin Records and has since started 350 companies.  He’s done this by aggressively expanding and has used his charming but cunning personality and business acumen to do it.  He’s also tried and succeeded at many world records, shoring up his adventurer status. Branson’s guile, willingness to do anything to win (sometimes finding himself in the middle of controversies), and physical prowess are definitely advantages he holds over Stephen.  However, Branson age (57) may play a factor in the fight should it go beyond 10 minutes.  Carrying a model, no matter how skinny and coked-up, on your back while swinging wild rights and lefts wears you down.  His legs are bound to start shaking.

This is where Stephen comes in.  His wit is off the charts. He hosts a popular hard-hitting news program. However, neither of those will affect the outcome.  What will is Stephen’s ability to defend, mainly through his hair.  That’s a freakin’ natural helmet on his dome, kept in place by a pound of product.  He’ll be able to withstand many a blow, and that will allow him to get close to Branson for some body shots on those 57-year old hips.

I think the difference will ultimately be Stephen’s attitude.  If he imagines his opponent as a bear, he’ll be set.  Colbert will take down this fight in 12 minutes becase he’ll be able to get revenge on all bears nationwide.  It should be a worthy pay-per-view experience when it happens.  And it will happen.

It’s Arrested Development

7 May

Indie filmin’ it!

Annie Duke On Ellen DeGeneres

6 May

Not literally. She appeared on her show the other day, and was pretty darn good if I say so myself.  Reppin’ the poker world and taking down that swine Joan Rivers:

It’s Arrested Development!

23 Apr

Fly chickens fly!


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