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The Original Wonder Woman Strips To All Be Collected!

28 Jun

IDW Publishing announced the entire collection of 1943/1944 Wonder Woman which came out from King Features will be available later this year!!! Written by the original creator William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G Peters, these helped create the mythos and popularity surrounding the super heroine that is Wonder Woman.

Can. Not. Wait.


Wonderful Wonder Woman By Mike And Laura Allred

29 May

Terrific pop 60s cover! I wouldn’t mind an actual story done in this format.


New Wonder Woman Digital Comic

19 May


Gail Simone and Ethan van Sciver start it off:

1:25 Variant cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
On sale AUGUST 20 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Diana Prince: Amazon warrior, ambassador to Man’s world, or champion of women in need? All of the above! This digital-first anthology series will bring some of comics’ greatest talents to Themyscira, and give them leave to explore Diana, her world – and ours!
Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver kick things off when Oracle calls for help after the entire Bat-Family gets sidelined. But when Wonder Woman steps into the breach, Gotham City’s criminals get the surprise of their lives! Then, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs take Diana to school, where she meets her biggest fan!



Saturday Morning Comics #29: Letting the Joker Out

26 Apr

COC’s picks: 3. Amazing X-Men #6
2. Superior Spider-Man #31
1. Frankenstein Alive Alive #

Silver Fox’s picks: 3. Batman & Wonder Woman #30
2. Curse #4
1. Six Million Dollar Man #1

Kyle’s! picks: 2. Sinestro #1
1. Harley Quinn #5

Once again, Strike Master is out, due back in TWO weeks for a triumphant return.

Saturday Morning Comics #24: Very Meaty

29 Mar

COC’s picks: 1. Animal Man #29
2. Legenderry #3
3. Batman and Aquaman #29

SME’s picks: 1. American Vampire #1
2. Ms Marvel #2
3. Daredevil #1
DUD of the week: Sovereign #1

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. Curse #3
2. Wonder Woman #29
3. Batwoman #29
DUD of the week: Illegitamites #4

Kyle’s! picks:

1. Harley Quinn #4

Saturday Morning Comics #20 The Audio Killing Joke

2 Mar

OH NOES, the audio ninjas lopped off half our episode! Enjoy what’s left:

Saturday Morning Comics

COCs picks:  3. Amazing X-Men #4
2. Red Sonja #7
1.Daredevil #36

Silver Fox’s picks: 3. New Warriors #1

SMEs picks: 3. X-Files/TMNT Conspiracy #1
2. Wonder Woman #28
1. White Suits #1
Graphic Novel: Down Set Fight! from Oni Press

Kyle!’s picks: 3. Batman and Two-Face #28
2. Harley Quinn #3
1. Punisher #2

The Best Single-Issue Comics Of 2012

27 Dec

NOTE: of what i’ve read

Best Single Issue of 2012

1. FF #23 (Marvel) – Pure, glorious fun with an emotional center. This is comics. This is the perfect sendoff for Jonathan Hickman’s amazing, almost 4 year long run on the Fantastic Four franchise.

2. Wolverine and the X-Men #17 (Marvel) DOOP! Great to find out the backstory of one of X-Statix’s orphans.

3. Saga #6 (Image) – Space opera meets frank nudity, violence and sex while still managing to remain grounded with humor and humanity. Amazing stuff, and wraps up the first arc spendidly.

4. Secret Agent Poyo #1 (Image) Noticing a trend yet? Another ‘fun’ entry, celebrating all that is the art of comics. A one-off pulled from the pages of the terrific Chew, SA Poyo delves into what he does when he’s NOT saving the department.

5. Hawkeye #3 (Marvel) Rarely has a comic re-invigorated a character such as this one. It’s made many a non-fan go, ‘oh, so THAT’S why Hawkeye’s a badass. Having David Aja pen it just seals it.

6. Manhattan Projects #6 – Seeing the scientific revolution from the Russian side has never been so gripping, and heart-wrenching, as the protagonist is never free to pursue what he DOESN’T want to do with his talents.

7. Fantast Four #604 (Marvel) – The Fantastic Four. The Future Foundation. Doctor Doom. Celestials. Future Richards’ kids. And then, ‘come to me, my Galactus’. Phrase of the year. Arc of the year.

8. The New Deadwardians #1 (DC) – Knowing of Dan Abnett’s work mostly only through his Guardians of the Galaxy run with Marvel, one could be surprised how starkly DIFFERENT this comic was. Somewhat slowly-paced yet still engrossing, the comic introduces us to the world of an undead detective who is decidedly blue-blood English.

9. Wonder Woman #11 (DC) – Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman learns to become a fighting machine while battling her mother Hera and her many God siblings. Magnificant art caps it.

10. (tie) Wolverine and the X-Men #19 (Marvel) Kitty Pryde searches for a new teacher for the school. Hilarity ensues with the various heroes who apply for the job.
10. (tie) The Unwritten #36 (DC) The underlying theme throughout this series remains the same, that stories can be created, and destroyed. Paulie the Bunny’s story continues. One of the gruffest bunnies you’ll ever meet, he treks across the vast landscape to find his home, and his real self.


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