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Saturday Morning Comics #49: Bunch of Scammers

27 Sep

Q: What is your favorite sports cartoon?

SME: Speed Racer
Kyle!: Pro Stars
Silver Fox: Laugh Olypmics
COC: Wacky Races from Hanna Barbera
Tugboat Commander: Mighty Ducks
Toymaster: Mr. T

3min – QUESTION  (Lee also rants against guys with big stupid hats and big sunglasses playing poker)
8min – Discussing DC’s Monster cereal
Banned Books Week
       – Humble Bundle for Valiant!
– Beware the Bat just ended
Retro-Con in Oaks, PA

27min – GOTHAM episode 1 discussion
34min – Sirens #1
41min – Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites
47min – Pandora Futures End #1
55min – Sensations Comics #2   BUY IT
64min – Words for Pictures written by Brian Michael Bendis
68min – Batman Eternal #24
75min – Multiversity: The Society of Super-Heroes Conqueors of Counter-World #1
87min – Fury Max: My War Gone By    BUY IT
101min – Red Hood and the Outlaws Futures End #1    Bat fans BUY IT
109min – Uncanny Avengers #24

Great Wonder Woman Print By Jamal Igle

26 Sep

And I got it signed!


Thoughts On Rags Morales

2 Sep

Rags Morales was a big-time comic book artist.  From JSA with writer Geoff Johns to Hawkman (also with Johns) to Action Comics with comics great Grant Morrison, Morales’ pencils graced many DC Comics books over the past 15+ years. His ability to convey realistic action and useful muscularity showed how superheroics remained relevant; how comics themselves helped stay relevant.  Never quite succumbing to the pouch-era, Morales’ JSA proved his diversity, penciling Hawkman’s defined physique and Hawkgirl’s lean yet strong frame. His magnum opus, Identity Crisis, proved he was a force to be reckoned with in the world of comics.  The event comic allowed him to pen his take on every DC character out there, including a terrific Wonder Woman full of strength, presence, and beauty.  The goddess rarely looked better.

Rags Morales IS a big-time comic book artist.  His most recent run on Action Comics proved how capable Morales still remained.  When DC Comics set out to completely reboot their universe, they picked two superstars in the aforementioned Morrison and Morales to create one of their flagship characters. His run on Action Comics put a solid twist on the new Jim Lee-designed Superman, keeping it from becoming muddled in the somewhat haphazardly defined Clark Kent of the rest of the New 52 lineup. From the cape to the boots, everything made sense both in the context of harkening back to a classic 75 year old character and creating a ‘new’ character for a theoretically new audience. 

Mr. Morales also branched out in more ways than just helping define a new Superman for a new era. Recently let go from an exclusive deal with DC Comics, he penned a few issues for writer Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers run.  Tasked with drawing the burgeoning conflict between Marvel’s Illuminati (consisting of Tony Stark, Black Panther, Namor, and more) and the Great Society (who strike a not-so-coincidental resemblance to DC’s Justice League), he shined in an exposition-heavy run of issues that required a capable reader.

From the early days of Valiant Comics to his historic run at DC, Morales created many great stories for fans.  It’s easy for a fan or reviewer to point towards the scriptor and say ‘Wow, this guy really wrote a great story!’, but it’s harder to realize the merits of an artist beyond the ‘that looks cool’ mentality of many (including sometimes this very blog).  His ability to convey subtle facial features, bombastic action scenes and fluid sequential storytelling leaves him heads and shoulders above many in the profession.  May he continue to shine for years to come!

Interview with Rags starts at 7 minutes

Saturday Morning Comics #41: Keep It Tight

2 Aug


The Original Wonder Woman Strips To All Be Collected!

28 Jun

IDW Publishing announced the entire collection of 1943/1944 Wonder Woman which came out from King Features will be available later this year!!! Written by the original creator William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G Peters, these helped create the mythos and popularity surrounding the super heroine that is Wonder Woman.

Can. Not. Wait.


Wonderful Wonder Woman By Mike And Laura Allred

29 May

Terrific pop 60s cover! I wouldn’t mind an actual story done in this format.


New Wonder Woman Digital Comic

19 May


Gail Simone and Ethan van Sciver start it off:

1:25 Variant cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
On sale AUGUST 20 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Diana Prince: Amazon warrior, ambassador to Man’s world, or champion of women in need? All of the above! This digital-first anthology series will bring some of comics’ greatest talents to Themyscira, and give them leave to explore Diana, her world – and ours!
Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver kick things off when Oracle calls for help after the entire Bat-Family gets sidelined. But when Wonder Woman steps into the breach, Gotham City’s criminals get the surprise of their lives! Then, Amanda Deibert and Cat Staggs take Diana to school, where she meets her biggest fan!




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