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Smile at the Camera When You Lose

19 Mar

So, this blog has been nominated at to be a possible 'Featured Blog' for the week. Thanks to those who nominated me, specifically the Save Ardmore Coalition. I may not always agree with their views, but they are always interesting and pretty well thought out.

Voting is almost over, and I'm down a couple votes to the other two blogs, but try and vote if you can! Vote early and vote often…


Deadspin is the best

19 Mar

For the best NCAA tourney coverage online, you'd think that or maybe, or perhaps even would come through…but you'd be wrong. By far the best online coverage of the tourney is from, because they give analysis and scores, but so much more as well. Humor, reader feedback, and Billy Packer bashing all make for a great read. Just thought you'd like to know.

Do the Rick Mariano jail dance! He was found guilty on Friday.

Stephen Hunter of the Sixers, on why he plays the game(after being in the rotation at the beginning of the season, being benched, being traded, then un-traded after a physical, then put back into the rotation, then having Billy King spit in his cereal):

“How I got through it is this: I don't play for management,” Hunter said. “I don't play for Billy King or (vice president of basketball operations) Tony DiLeo. But I do have a relationship with the 12 guys on this team and with the coaches. . . . Those are the guys I play for.”