I’m Friends with Howard Eskin

31 Mar

Says so right here:

So the King of Bling and I are big buds, OK? This guy is the priemere talk show host in the Philadelphia region, with an informational, fun, and engaging program which allows the listeners to become a part of the action. You better lay off or he’ll call you a nitwit.

You can be friends with him too, just go here!!!!


One Response to “I’m Friends with Howard Eskin”

  1. kristen November 19, 2006 at 2:54 am #

    your a freind of his? what are you on crack? he is the most under minded, self centered, cheats on his wife, smokes pot ( i have the pictures) and says “keep it Real” he wouldd’t know real if it kicked him in is wrinkled flabby ass. i saw that too. nghtmare site. could actually haunt a house. why not just go to his house…he lives @ 33 Paul Lane in Glenn mills. just don’t forget to say hi to andy…his wife. oh- while he was involved w/ another woman and was in divorce proceedings, he acually had a child with his “divorced” to be wife? hmmm
    yeah – let’s keep it real!

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