Chris Wheeler = Owned

24 Apr

First came the Chris Wheeler Glossary. It was a compiling of the infamous Phillies broadcaster’s favorite sayings. Here’s an excerpt:

  • He’s All Class – Any person with substantial time in baseball, even if he’s a horse’s rear
  • He’s A Ballplayer – see He Plays The Game The Right Way
  • He’s A Great Baseball Man – He won’t talk to me
  • He’s Just Trying So Hard To Make A Play Out There – A Guy Who Plays The Game The Right Way has attempted and failed at making a boneheaded play

So, Wheels isn’t well-liked, that much we established. Then came Wheels Bingo, with two different cards which are playable during games!
And now? Fox Trot cartoons about Wheels’ strange opinions on baseball. An unfunny comic is turned hilarious due to the talents of the poster Woody on Enjoy (click to enlarge):


One Response to “Chris Wheeler = Owned”

  1. Greg Mills September 17, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    Wheeler and McCarthy = 2 Stooges. Where’s Moe?

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