Chris Coste Shows up Huge Tiny Mistake

27 Jun

Here is what the blog in question said about everyone’s favorite catcher Chris Coste:

“But there is hope guys and gals! That blockhead Chris Coste, he of the 1.305 OPS in Spring Training, has been called up. His .177 average, .236 on-base percentage, and 8 doubles and 2 home runs don’t count, of course, because he’s 33 years old and is a good story for the club. His 0-3 with a HBP start is probably an indicator of what is to come for his surely short big-league stay (starting catcher Mike Lieberthal is due back very soon), but sometimes a nice story is a nice story.”

So what happened yesterday? He raised his OPS to a healthy 596, that’s what. His batting average is now 261, his OBP is now a lusty 292, and he even has an extra base hit. Yesterday he went 3 for 6 with a double and an RBI against the Red Sox and has gone 6 for his last 11. OK, so there is obviously some tongue-in-cheek reporting going on in this paragraph, but the fact remains that he is having a bit a hot streak, and the Phillies may as well ride it.

See, we bash AAAA players but we also compliment them when they do better than expected! Do we believe he will keep it up? No, not one bit. But let’s hope it lasts a little bit, because this team needs it. Bad.


One Response to “Chris Coste Shows up Huge Tiny Mistake”

  1. shiketyshaq July 15, 2009 at 12:36 am #

    They rode it out all the way to two divisional titles and one world series. Pretty good for a career minor leaguer. How about that homerun against the Red Sox that won the game in ’07.
    Great stuff.
    James Dugan

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