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Phillies’ Team Walk Rates: A Look

5 Jul

It’s been said that walking 1 time for every 10 atbats(.100) at the plate is a sufficient amount for a major league player. It shows enough of knowledge of the strike zone, the ability to lay off pitches, and a general sense of hitting. The great players are usually better than that, though there are exceptions of course. Teams that have historically done well in this regard, such as the Yankees, Red Sox and Athletics, have also had offenses that have been fairly efficient and good. How do your 2006 Philadelphia Phillies rate? Let’s take a look:

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One Last Push: Vote for Bobby

5 Jul

Like Balls, Sticks, and Stuff, we believe that Bobby Abreu deserves to go to the all-star game. He leads the league in getting on-base, is on pace for plenty of RBI, runs, and stolen bases, and has been snubbed so many times in the past that he deserves to go now. Sure, Nomar Garciaparra is also having a great year, but he has played 20 fewer games, and that MUST be taken into account.

So far he’s only third place behind Garciaparra and Chris Capuano. Vote Bobby for the all-star game: linkage

Michael Bourn moving north to Scranton

5 Jul

Michael Bourn, the speedy centerfielder for the Reading Phillies has been called up to AAA Scranton.  Effective after Monday night’s 9-6 Reading victory, the Phillies made the move.  Bourn had been selected to the Eastern League all-star team for the second season in a year, and apparently this was enough for the Phillies to bump Bourn up to being only one step away from Philadelphia.  He finally goes farther away from the big club to get closer.  Here’s to Michael Bourn and a 1.5 exciting years of baseball played at Reading, and hopefully even better baseball in the future.  The 23 year old man has showed flashes of brilliance, has baseball smarts and a good head on his shoulders.  He works the count, plays great defense, and is smart on the basepaths, utilizing his speed to its maximum capacity.

Should he delight in Scranton, the Phillies are going to have a logjam in centerfield going into next season with Aaron Rowand, Shane Victorino and Michael Bourn all capable of playing, and Chris Roberson also serving as a useable utility player.  Perhaps Rowand should be dealt while his value is still high enough to make room for Victorino/Bourn.