King of Philadelphia: Ryan Howard

10 Jul

As stated previously, Ryan Howard was set to participate in the Home Run Derby tonight… and he just became the second Phillie in a row (Bobby Abreu won it in 2005) to win the damn thing, besting New York Met David Wright in the finals. He had several magestic home runs, a few traveling over 450 feet out of the ballpark and into the river. He also pelted the ESPN broadcast tent with several dingers, getting as close as 8 feet or so to hitting the booth. It was a tremendous night for Ryan and his family, and far more exciting than the All-Star game will be. Great job Ryan, and carry it into the 2nd half of the season.

Does this count as a win over the Mets?


2 Responses to “King of Philadelphia: Ryan Howard”

  1. asoc July 12, 2006 at 12:14 pm #

    Nice to see one of the young guns win this thing, maybe he’ll even be able to defend his crown next year. That’s part of the problem with this thing though; how could Abreu not be around to defend his title from last year!? Also the fact that the derby lasted as long as the all-star game itself is not a good thing. I’ve got some interesting ideas on how to spruce this event up on my blog: .


  1. I’ve Made a Huge Tiny Mistake » Ryan Howard Hits ‘Em To All Fields - August 18, 2006

    […] He certainly does. He’s already been crowned the King of Philadelphia and he’s just damn good, but the way he hits the big shots is so unique because of how he sprays them everywhere in the stands. Check out the the spray chat below, from Hit Tracker Online, which shows where all of his homers landed. He obviously hits more than half of his homers to left and left-center, but that is likely to change some next year. He’s already started pulling some for moon shots. And when I say moon shots, I mean it. He averages almost 405 feet of ‘true distance’ on each slam, and hit the longest homer in all of baseball this year when he slammed it over the batter’s eye in Philadelphia. That one went 491 feet in ‘true distance’. Simply sick if you think about it. Even sicker when one recounts how quick the ball actually traveled those 491 feet. […]

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