Say Goodbye Sal

24 Jul

Goodbye Sal. And welcome to another backup wonder in 33 year old rookie Chris Coste. The bashing of both has been pretty liberally sprinkled into the analysis of the Phillies on this blog, and so far Coste has proven a little something. He’s currently hitting .333 with 3 doubles, 2 homers, and 868 OPS in 54 at bats. It’s unlikely he’ll keep up this pace, but his ability to also play a little infield and him actually meriting playing time has made the Phillies designate local cult hero Sal Fasano for assignment.

Fasano was a nice guy, had some funny facial hair, a gut like a lot of fans, and that ever important vowel at the end of his last name. He also hit a few bombs in games and batting practice. It’s just too bad he couldn’t really make much contact at all and didn’t exactly come as advertised on the defensive side. Many a ball skipped away from Sal because he couldn’t block it with this ample body. It’s somewhat of a shame that Fasano simply wasn’t that good, but the Phillies could have seen that coming…most career backup catchers get exposed after playing in a starting role and he had to take on this assignment when Lieberthal twice visited the disable list.

It’s time to go forward with Ruiz and Coste for the rest of the year, and hope that someone will take on the rest of Lieberthal’s contract for a stretch run.

On a side note, Chase’s Chicks is much better than Sal’s Pals. Sal’s Pals was always the lamest option in our opinion, as Fasano’s Pasianos told one all they needed to know about both Sal and the fan base. And it was more clever.

Say goodbye to Sal here:


2 Responses to “Say Goodbye Sal”

  1. Jeff July 28, 2006 at 11:46 am #

    Good bye Sal! I’ll never forget how your first at bat with the phillies you clocked a kid in the head with your bat and then hit a huge homerun. Your moustache will be missed greatly. Good Luck in all you do.

  2. YankeeHater July 29, 2006 at 7:38 am #

    Good riddance, Fasano. Go play with the Yankees, cuz as long as they have A-Hole and Juicin’ Giambi, they will never win a WS.

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