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Philadelphia Metro Writes Something Worthwhile

1 Aug

Exciting, isn’t it? The Philly Metro, paper for those who need their news in 5 minute spurts, highlighted the man behind the A Citizen’s Blog website, Micke Berquist. If you haven’t been checking out his daily updates on Phillies baseball, you’ve been missing out. His analysis tends to take a statistical slant, and sometimes the stats are very high-end and tough to decipher, but he brings you along for the ride quite well and explains things to us dumber phans. It’s a great site with some great ideas (Bobby good, Rowand should be dealt, Hamels already the best starter on the team). Here’s an excerpt from the writeup where the Philly fan in him comes out and he explains some of his ideas:

“I catch the games they play against Pittsburgh, which they usually find a way to lose,” he said. “But I’m always reading the stats. … Something I really talk about in my blog are savvy players. Someone like Rollins, who strikes out too much, him and Rowand have really kind of become my whipping boys over the last couple weeks.”

Rowand? He had the greatest catch of the year?

“It was a great catch but his performance the rest of the year has been atrocious,” Berquist said. “He doesn’t have a good eye. He’s having a terrible defensive year.”

Declaring the Phillies dead yesterday in his latest post, Berquist lists all but five players — Cole Hamels, Jon Lieber, Chase Utley, Bobby Abreu and Ryan Howard — untouchable.

Then he settled into his theme of the day: The Phillies are done-zo.

“So that’s it, Phillies fans,” he concluded. “Get ready for the fire sale. Wait ‘til next year.”

Wait ’til next year is a bit optimistic, though. Wait ’til 2008.


Maura Tierney Divorcing, Time To Hit That

1 Aug

I’ve always been a big fan of Maura Tierney’s acting. From Newsradio to ER to Liar Liar, she’s excelled in comedy and drama, but especially comedy. I’ve also thought she was pretty hot in that ‘she drinks and smokes and still looks good’ type of way.

Well, she’s now divorcing her husband of 13 years, Billy Morrissette. He’s a bit-actor, and that’s about it, so it’s time for her to move up on the chain to blogger. On the totem pole of life, blogger is above bit-actor but still slightly below cart-pusher at your local supermarket. Sometimes all three are the same thing.

Anyway, she’s starting to get some laugh lines and shit on her face, but this woman is still pretty hot, and she’s got quite a voice on her. It also helps that she’s got a pretty good freaking body for a 25 year old, let alone a 41 year old. And she’s been on, and won, Celebrity Poker Showdown (hosted by fellow Newsradio alumnus Dave Foley). What’s not to like?