CSI: Miami Named Top TV Show In The World

2 Aug

Really? Seriously? Yeah, apparently it is, showing up in the most top 10 viewing charts from 20 select countries. People around the world love them some Jerry Bruckheimer programming, as CSI the original came in at 6th and Without a Trace came in at seven. The producer of such hits as Kangaroo Jack, Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2, The Rock, Con Air, Beverly Hills Cop, and about a million other films, he’s now conquered television. The guy obviously knows what the United States, and the world, wants for their viewing pleasure.

Is this really what people love, though? Action movies and procedural shows? Movies which have easy good vs. bad action movies with easily digestable plots and television procedurals which have no character development or story arcs over one or two episodes???

Luckily, there is a bright spot. Lost was the second most popular show in the world, which hopefully shows that people are trending towards programming which makes one think and also makes people stay tuned and pay attention.


2 Responses to “CSI: Miami Named Top TV Show In The World”

  1. Spencer August 2, 2006 at 11:30 am #

    If you knew how angry this show makes me. I think it lies in the fact that I’m not sure if they are going for the camp and the humor angle, or are they trying to be serious. I’ll have to write a post on my blog about the CSI: Miami drinking game.

  2. Chris August 2, 2006 at 11:35 am #

    The only thing missing from the picture I put up was Caruso holding a pair of sunglasses and gazing into the sky. He’s a shit actor, and it’s a shit show.

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