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It Was A Real Scorcher Out There!!!

4 Aug

94.1 WYSP’s Kidd Chris Show was dropped on the air, as NBC 10 was graced with the presence of Rock Hard Killa, who is the show’s call screener. Here’s the video (great stuff):


#47 On The List Of People Who Overthink Things

4 Aug

This guy. Apparently all those people you’ve ran into over the past few days who have commented that ‘it’s a real scorcher’ or ‘boy it’s hot out today!’ are all involved in a liberal plot to blame George W. Bush for everything and can also show poor people, *gasp*, being poor:

The heat wave is also stirring up liberals because they can showcase poor families in the streets without water, people dieing because they don’t have A/C or shelter, threats of power outages from the greedy ones like me who use their A/C, and hopes of an impending drought.

Uh, right. Because that’s a good thing to see people die? Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if these filthy liberals purposely turned up the heat on all these old people who died just so they could show some bodies!

Friggin’ liberals and their heat fantasies. Dude, maybe it’s just hot out.

King Cole Hamels Quiets The Cards

4 Aug

That’s right, THE King Cole Hamels allowed only 2 singles (to Ronnie Belliard and Albet Pujols respectively), and walked 2 in 7 innings of work. He also fanned 12 batters and only gave up 1 run. The 22 year old threw 109 pitches in the effort, and has now gone at least 7 innings in a start twice in a row.

Hamels is starting to really control his fastball, and his changeup has always been there. The last time he had more than 2 walks was on June 28th against Baltimore, and his WHIP since the all-star break has been 1.25, which is very respectable. The thing that has bothered him the most since coming up has been the home runs, of which he has served up 11 to the opposition, 6 since the all-star break. Tonight he allowed only two single, and one was to the best offensive player in the Major Leagues. He kept his pitches down, and frankly looked dominant. Either the Cardinals are the worst hitting team in baseball, or Hamels really showed something tonight. He was Johan Santana-esque, in my opinion.

This guy could be something.