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Independence Hall To Have 7 Foot Fence To Protect Us From Freedom

9 Aug

Here’s the story:

The plan calls for a wrought-iron fence about 130 feet behind the building, the original home of the Liberty Bell. The Park Service, which operates the site, says the fence is among $2 million in security precautions that the Department of Homeland Security has mandated at the Independence National Historical Park. It is not unlike antiterrorism steps being taken at other major landmarks around the country, parks officials say.

So the former home of the Liberty Bell is going to restrict access and freedom of movement. Sounds like a winner to me!!! And, for whatever reason, freedom-hating terrorist lovers known as ‘Philadelphians’ apparently disagree with this move. It’s quite a crop of people who dislike the move: the lame-duck mayor, the federal reps who won’t be federal reps soon, people on the street, and even our favorite neighborhood photographer. Brad Maule (of was interviewed and had this to say:

Brad Maule, a photographer who moved to Philadelphia in 2000, said that ever since Sept. 11, 2001, he had watched with consternation as security measures encroached on access to the monuments.

It was not long ago that visitors across the street from Independence Hall could still touch the Liberty Bell itself, said Mr. Maule, whose daily commute to work takes him past the hall and whose blog has been covering the fight over the fencing. “Then came the velvet ropes,” he said, “cordoning the bell off.”

This evil, evil, sad little man values interacting with history and the ‘freedom’ to actually get near landmarks? That son of a BITCH! ALL OF YOU! You people don’t understand that we have to take away freedom so that the terrorists can’t do it first! Sheesh. Even Governor Rendell doesn’t get it:

“If I were a terrorist,” said Mr. Rendell, a first-term Democrat, “I’d look at this plan and smile. This plan does not mean that America has become more security conscious but that we are making all sorts of unnecessary expenditures.”

Tax and spend liberal Ed Rendell took time away from eating cheesesteaks to dream about being a terrorist. Thinking like the terrorist eh Slick Eddie? Figures that he doesn’t understand that freedom is earned through sacrifice. Sacrifice of our freedoms, that is.

View of the Hall before and after improvements:

Now which one makes you feel safer? I thought so!


Dan Whitney is Larry the Cable Guy

9 Aug

I’ve gone on a Larry the Cable Guy rant before, and now that dislike’s been elevated thanks to several of the people I work with absolutely RAVING about his dumb movie Larry the Cable Guy Health Inspector. I’ve come to find all but one (Jeff Foxworthy) of the ‘Blue Collar’ guys. I get it, the guy is appealing, and his shtick works. But can we at least all agree that it’s just a shtick and a bit and fake? He went to the Kings Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida. He’s just a normal dude, not the the character he portrays:

PROOF (courtesy karn)