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Stephen Colbert tells Jon Stewart: YOU’RE ON NOTICE!!!

10 Aug


That’s right, only minutes ago Stephen Colbert justly put liberal commentator on notice for his continual attempts to belittle old ladies and Gerlado Rivera. Colbert was having NONE of that and finally nailed Stewart on his OWN show. Harsh to do to a friend and colleague? Definitely, but Stewart had refused to apologize to Rivera yesterday for his hijinx, and sometimes you just have to give some tough love.  I just added him to the list that I keep on this site. You’re on my list now too, Stewart. Better toe the line!

Also, people can create their own On Notice lists right here. Great freaking site, and you can put all the bleeding-heart liberals and Bobby Abreu lovers on notice to your heart’s content. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, here’s a link to the newly re-designed Colbert, where we can all update ourselves on our favorite pundit.


Saint Joseph’s Loves Chester, PA

10 Aug

So apparently two of Phil Martelli’s freshman are from Chester.  This after Jameer Nelson, the most famous Saint Joseph’s graduate of recent memory, grew up in Chester and was HEAVILY recruited by Martelli.  The Chester connection for the Hawks is getting pretty solid.  5’11” guard Jawan Carter (Tatnall, pictured at left) and Darrin Govens (Chester High).  Both know each other very well, and both are good scorers.  In fact, Carter owns the Delaware high school record for points with 2,464.  His senior stat line had him scoring 28 a game, getting 8 assists, 5 boards and 4 steals a game.  He was recruited by Villanova, UConn, Georgetown, and Saint Joeseph’s.  A great crop of schools, and there’s no doubt that he will do well for the program.  Here’s an excerpt from an Inky article describing his game:

“He seems to be a good floor leader, always talking on the court,” said Doug Overton, a former star point guard at La Salle and new assistant coach under Martelli. “He’s a point guard who can score. He can shoot and create shots for himself and other people.”

“A very cerebral player,” Martelli added. “Most of all, he’s a winner.”

And when Carter talks about the game, he echoes Nelson. It’s important to play the right way, he said, which means involving your teammates, knowing whom to get the ball to and when, and playing within the game rather than forcing the issue.

“I just think that’s how the game should be played,” he said. “The job of a point guard is to instill confidence in your teammates, and then they’ll put their confidence in you. When you create shots for your teammates, it makes the game easier for everybody, including yourself.”

Sounds good to me.  A guy who can score a ton but is still looking for his teammates?  We can always use one of those.

The Hawks will have to overcrome some adversity.  Abdulai Jalloh transfered to James Madison after the end of last season for a ‘change of scenery’.  That’s fine, but his scoring will be missed.  Hopefully these guys can make up for it, and stay within themselves, which Jalloh had trouble doing sometimes during games.

Jason Isringhausen Is Not A Phillies Fan

10 Aug

The Phils romped earlier today against the Atlanta Braves, winning 9-3 with an 8 run seventh inning to pull themselves to within 3 games of the wildcard leading Cincinnati Reds. Then tonight the Reds faced off against the Saint Louis Cardinals in a thriller of a game littered with home runs (6). The Cardinals went up 7-6 in the 8th inning on a David Eckstein single and gave the one-run lead to their closer good ol’ Izzy.

Now, dude’s had his problems this year and hasn’t been as shut-down as he’s been in the past, but he still brings it. His problem has been control (32 walks in 48.2 IP) and some streakiness, but he had been STELLAR since the all-star break. In fact, he didn’t given up a run in 8.1 IP and had a 0.96 WHIP.

Pretty nice really, and didn’t exactly face the middle of the Reds order in the 9th tonight. In fact, he faced three pinch-hitters (Javier Valentin, Rich Aruilia, and David Ross in the 7th inning). Izzy struck out Valentin easy enough, but then walked Aurilia, who does have a bit of pop. He then had to get by David Ross, who had been hurt for much of July but has since been eased back into the everyday lineup and hit quite well (1.013 OPS on the year prior to tonight). So 1 out, 1 on and Ross at the plate. Izzy delivered a high fastball to Ross that landed 442 feet later in dead center. Ross delivered to an excited crowd full of Reds fans. The Reds won 8-7 and extended their wildcard lead to 3.5 games over the Phils, with three NL West teams lodged inbetween.

What a great baseball ending and a horrible ending for the Phils. Once again the Phils find themselves several games out of a playoff spot, though there is still plenty of time.Oh, I forgot the kicker. Ryan Franklin gets the win. Christ.