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Who Wants To Sex Mutombo? Or Go To His Hospital?

16 Aug

A straight cut and paste here, as Mutombo’s great off-court actions should be recognized:

He plans to build a hospital near Kinshasa, where he grew up. He now plays basketball with one thought: earning as much as he can to see that the 300-bed Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital (named for his mother) becomes a reality after nine years of relentless work. He has given more than $15 million of his own money. And that’s not all he’s done. He paid for the Congolese women’s basketball team’s trip to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, as well as the track team’s uniforms and expenses. He consistently sends both medicine and medical equipment to his homeland, where life expectancy is 45 to 47 years, compared to 79 years in the United States.

And he’s not the only player involved:

Mutombo estimates he has traveled in excess of 500,000 miles on hospital-related business. Several NBA team owners and coaches and a host of opposing players have contributed money to help complete the hospital. Mutombo’s teammate Houston forward Juwan Howard contributed $100,000 and plans to be on hand at the opening-day ceremony, along with several other players.

He’s come a long way since Georgetown, when he yelled out in a bar: “Who wants to sex Mutombo?!”


The Phillies Offense: The Two Ps, Power and Patience

16 Aug

The Phillies have had 2 blowouts in the past 2 days against the Mets, winnig 13-0 and 11-4.  They’ve now catapulted to 2nd in the NL in runs, and 6th in the majors.  This is similar to the pattern they’ve set out the past several seasons.  In fact, they’re the best offense since the all-star break.  The offense is simply good because of power and patience.  Let’s break down what several of the key cogs have been doing so well:

Jimmy Rollins (since the break)

  • 341 avg/400 OBP/ 619 SLG = 1.019 OPS
  • 6 doubles, 1 triple, 9 homers, 8-8 SB

Rollins has simply been on-fire.  He’s been good in all facets of his game, and has elevated his season line tremendously.  After being in such a slump for much of the year, the guy is doing his usual 2nd half strut, except now he’s adding a bunch of home runs to his repoirte.

Ryan Howard (since the break)

  • 353 avg/ 493 OBP/741 SLG = 1.235 OPS
  • 6 doubles, 13 homers, 31 walks

He has been the best player on the team since the break.  His offense has jumped into a new stratosphere after winning the Home Run Derby, by combining power, patience and bat control to be perhaps the best hitter in the National League, even better than Pujols over the past month.  Teams have started to rapidly pitch around and even intentionally walk Howard.  The good thing is that he’s not forcing the issue and being overly aggressive by reaching.  He’s simply allowing them to come to him and then making them pay.

David Dellucci (since the break)

  • 365 avg/ 467 OBP/ 716 SLG = 1.183 OPS
  • 4 doubles, 2 triples, 6 homers, 14 walks

Since his early struggles he’s really been as advertised.  He’s taken a ton of pitches, worked counts, and hit home runs.  Like the rest of hte team, extra base hits have simply been raining down.  Dellucci looks good, but it looks like he may not want to come back here.  If this ends up being true, it’s simply another miscalculation by Pat Gillick.

The catching crew

Chris Coste (since the break):

  • 364 avg/417 OBP/ 655 SLG = 1.071 OPS
  • 4 doubles, 4 homers, 2 walks

Mike Lieberthal (August)

  • 310 avg/412 OBP/483 SLG = 895 OPS
  • 2 doubles, 1 homer, 5 walks

In splitting time with Coste, Lieberthal has been rejuvenated.  It toook 4 months but the Phillies finally found second half of good battery.  Now all they need is their pitching to shape up.  Coste has been a great story, but an even better player.  I doubt he’ll end with a 340 average for the season, but he’ll still be a positive for the team.

Let’s not forget what Utley did in July, being named NL Player of the Month.  He’s struggled somewhat in August, but the rest of the team has picked him up.  Nunez has ‘improved’ to only be the worst 3B in the league, not the worst hitter in the league.  Rowand is Rowand, hacking away and playing overrated defense.  Victorino has shown himself to fight through a bad slump and come out better for it, taking pitches, getting on base and even showing some power.  It’s time to give him the starting job in CF.  Pat Burrell, who has seen a lot of vitrol heaped on him this year, has been pretty good for my money, sporting a 904 OPS since the break.
Now, let’s not somehow say that Abreu leaving created some great offense.  There were huge signs BEFORE he and Bell left the team, as the team scored a lot of runs in July.  And several of their players are 2nd half players (such as Rollins).  It was to be expected that the offense would improve.  Plus, Abreu’s hitting 375 for the Yankees.  And they did it by being more patient and by connecting for more extra base hits.  But really, isn’t that how most offenses work?

The Wide World Of Links; This Is Where I Link To Sites

16 Aug

– Lock the doors, hide the women and children, every state in the Union is seeing increased ethnic diversity.  Oh how I long for the days of the 1950s when we could simply ignore immigrants and those with dark tans because we had ’em walled up in Northeastern and California cities.  Now they want to live where they want to.  The nerve.

– Mexicans dare to move in to the Philadelphia metro, and internet commenters strike back.

– DanT of the Good Phight shows how great the individuals of this current Phils team actually are in comparison to the crap the Phils have had in the past, and how we may be seeing a ‘Golden Age’ in the infield.  Kind of sad it took 120 years to see a Golden Age.

– These are ten things Jon Burkett doesn’t miss about Sixers basketball.

– They may be new, but they’re required reading.  It’s the Kissing Suzy Kolber blog, slobbering over lil’ Suzy for nearly two months now.

– Similarily, John Morgan’s newish type blog(Pennsylvania Progressive) is a good one.  Though not much for style, dude goes for substance.  I may disagree with some of the opinions, but they’re usually well thought out.

Awful Announcing critiques Bill Simmons.

– And finally, Pluto’s probably going to be downgraded from its current planet status.  I never quite liked this ‘planet’ anyway.  All small and erratic and icey.  Fuck you Pluto.

Matt Murton Strikes Again and the DBacks/Rockies Won’t Stop Believing

16 Aug

Yep, Matt Murton, who only came into the Cubs/Astros affair in the 7th inning, went all hitterish on the Astros as he smacked a two out, two run single off Dave Borowski with the bases loaded. Rich Hill then shut down the Astros in the bottom of the 18th and the 5 and a half hour game was over. Matt Murton was definitely the player of the game with both of his hits coming in game-changing fashion, while Juan Pierre and Willy Taveras were goats as the leadoff hitters combined for 2-17 with one walk. Simply a great game though…542 pitches were thrown!!! That’s 2 games worth of pitches!

And guess what? The Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies are still playing out in the thin air of Coors Field. They’ve used a total of 15 pitchers, and this is even with the Rockies’ starter Jason Jennings going the first 8 innings of the game. And it’s only 1-1 in the 17th inning. There’s been 31 baserunners in the game and only 2 runs, and the Rockies’ run was scored on a double play. This game may be more amazing than the Cubs/Astros game because neither team has scored in the past 11 innings. Stay tuned for THIS freaking game.

Quite a night in the baseball world: Phillies roll over the Mets 11-4, as only Jose Reyes decided to show up for New York, Vicente Padilla started hitting everyone on the Angels except the bat boys, Alfonso Soriano was put on waiver, the Astros and Cubs go 18, and the Rockies and Diamondbacks may go even further. Christ.

The Astros And Cubs Are Still Playing

16 Aug

It’s 1:30am here on the East Coast. It’s 12:30am in Houston. It’s the top of the 18th inning and the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs are still playing a game that started at 7:05 CT. That means that this game has gone on for over 5 hours now without resolution. The score is tied 6-6. The Cubs are on their 10th pitcher, while the Astros have only used 8. Dusty Baker is now using tomorrow’s starter Rich Hill. This is why baseball is amazing, because there are no time limits. It can techncially go on forever, and one game one night can bleed into the next day’s contest (Cubs/Astros scheculed for 2:05pm ET/1:05CT).

Who can we thank for this glorious baseball moment? Cubs left fielder Matt Murton, who was put in the game in the 7th inning, smashed a homer off Astros closer Brad Lidge in the 9th inning to tie the game up. Neither team has scored since, though the Astros threatened in the bottom of the 10th and 12th.

The Cubs are now threatening in the 18th, with runners on first and third for Robbie Cedeno. STAY FREAKING TUNED!