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Slown Down Rowand!

21 Aug

Cause that’s what happens from time to time. Dude sacrifices his body for no reason sometimes, and this time it almost claimed 2B Chase Utley as a victim. The collision came  in the 8th inning, when Utley chased down a popup in shallow right and tried to call off his teammate but Rowand either didn’t hear him or couldn’t stop in time, and the two went down.  Utley came up limping but stayed in the game, while Rowand was helped off the field and unable to walk under his own power.  He also slammed into the ground with his shoulder and possibly the side of his head.  He’s been taken to the hospital already for precautionary x-rays.  It’s unknown where we go from here because we don’t know how serious he was injured.

Sure, the centerfielder is supposed to ‘have’ those balls, but a centerfielder is also supposed to know when a teammate has a ball tracked down and to not encroach on them. I hope Aaron’s OK, but the guy just cost the Phils, not because he’s anything too special on offense, but because they are now down to a THREE man bench until they make a move to bring in 1 or 2 people. And I didn’t even mention that David Dellucci is already nursing a hamstring problem. September and the roster expansion can’t come soon enough for the ailing Phils bench.

Oh yeah, Phils still win 6-5, despite Rowand getting hurt and Arthur Rhodes trying to give up the game (as he gave up a two-run homer to Jacques Jones in the 9th inning).


West Reading In Photos

21 Aug

This past Friday I went around the borough of West Reading and snapped some pictures of the buildings and built-up environment.  It’s a nice little borough that is very urban and has a great variety of housing and people (sort of a great extension of the city of Reading).  Home of the large Reading Hospital, it has a vibrant Penn Avenue as its main artery and a burgeoning arts and music scene.  And yet the borough is still decidedly working-class; it’s where my grandfather lived. West Reading’s live and in color if you just click on the picture below (the first 6 pics are of Reading):

Phillies Face Cubs For Four

21 Aug

Your Philadelphia Phillies are feeling high and mighty after winning their most recent series against the Washington Nationals.  They showered the Nats with runs in the final two games, and their bullpen barely outlasted the Nats’ pen on Sunday to ensure a 12-10 victory.  So the Phillies pick up a game or two in the wild card right?  Nope, they’re still 2.5 games back of the Cincinnati Reds (with the Arizona Dbacks and San Diego Padres inbetween) and have yet to hit that elusive .500 mark.  With 39 games to go, the Phils are going to have to be one of the few teams to win about 5 more games than they lose.

All that being said, the Phillies are in good shape because of a relatively weak schedule.  Sure the Cubbies have played better in August (10-7), but they’re still the Cubs.  There’s been a small uptick in offense, but nothing close to what the Phils have been slugging.  Their pitching is fairly suspect(and largelly unknown) beyond Carlos Zambrano, and he can only pitch once (scheduled to go Thursday against King Cole Hamels). So, the Phils can pick up a game or two in the Wild Card if they play as they should against the Cubs this week.

At least they should.

Boy Meets World Mondays

21 Aug

It’s back!  It’s an old clip, but a goodie.  Remember the time Topanga was different and crazy but taught Cory a big lesson?!?!?!