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Bland Bob Casey Ad Highlights Bland Bob

23 Aug

Now,a quick disclaimer here: I’m going to vote for Bob Casey Jr. for the US Senate, I’ve stated why I think he’s the best option(because he can win, he can get rid of Senator Rick Santorum, and he is much more representative of a fairly moderate state like Pennsylvania than either Chuck Pennachio or Santorum) but the dude is just bland. Bob is just bland, and his new commercial, set to run statewide, are as well. I’ll vote for the magic eyebrows of justice, but it’s hard to ignore the lack of any sort of charisma. But politicans don’t become better legislators when they have more charisma, they simply become better politicans.  I do like that he highlights his economic approach, which is vastly different from Santorum’s. It’s the only spot where he can successfully get Democrats out to vote for him, and also some moderate Republicans who don’t like some of the political wrangling of Santorum reflecting poorly on their state. Many Republicans in the Philadelphia suburbs, for example.

Here it is: LINKING IT


Jose Hernandez Now A Phillie, World Series Guaranteed

23 Aug

Yep, the Phillies just got 37 year old veteran Jose Hernandez. In a move sure to guarantee a World Series victory, Hernandez now gives skipper Chuck Manuel some versatility with his bench because he can play any infield position and corner outfield spot. He joins a bench that was primarily the starting lineup for the Scranton Red Barons to start the 2006 season: Chris Coste/Mike Lieberthal, OF Chris Roberson, OF Michael Bourn, IF Danny Sandoval, and IF Joe Thurston. That’s a youngish type bench, sans Hernandez and the catchers.

Beerleaguer calls him a ‘professional hitter‘, I call him and his 678 OPS a guaranteed World Series ticket. Cash in your paychecks and save up for those Diamond Club seats boys and girls, this is our ride to the promised land.

Kidd Chris Show To Do Both Ends of Pennsylvania

23 Aug


That’s right Pittsburgh, Kidd Chris, Thomas, Reverand Bob Levy, and more are coming to your city.  K-ROCK 93.7 is going to be simulcasting the 3-7 drive-time show, which has become quite popular among Philadelphians, especially men.  Opie and Anthony are already on K-ROCK in the morning, so the show is going to have some great company.  It’s a great show, and let’s hope that they expand to several other markets, including ones which the show used to be in such as San Antonio and Sacremento.  The Kidd Chris Show currently airs on 94.1 WYSP in Philadelphia, for the unenlightened. Give ’em the heater Ricky!!!

Who Watches All These Shows?

23 Aug

Below is the top 20 watched programs in the United States from Aug 14th to Aug 20th…and I didn’t watch a single one of them.  And the only two I would even think about watching would be Two And A Half Men or the NFL.  There are 6 reality shows on the list, 8 procedurals, and two news programs.  It seems to me that people just want to watch something that is easily digestible and nothing has to be remembered or developed from one episodes to the next.  How some of these shows (So You Think You Can Dance?) are popular is simply beyond me.

1. America’s Got Talent – Thurs (NBC)
2. America’s Got Talent – Weds (NBC)
3. 60 Minutes (CBS)
4. CSI: Miami (CBS)
5. So You Think You Can Dance – Weds (FOX)
6. CSI (CBS)
7. House (FOX)
8. Without A Trace – Thurs (CBS)
9. Hell’s Kitchen (FOX)
10. Without A Trace – Sun (CBS)
11. Cold Case (CBS)
12. Two and a Half Men (CBS)
13. Primetime (ABC)
14. CSI: NY (CBS)
15. Big Brother – Sun (CBS)
16. Law and Order (NBC)
17. NFL Pre-Season Game (NBC)
18. Two and a Half Men – Mon, 8pm (CBS)
19. So You Think You Can Dance (FOX)
20. Law and Order: SVU (NBC)