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Dwight Smith Loves Stairwell Sex

27 Aug

The Minnesota Vikings have been having a tough time with media relations over the past year, largelly due to off the field incidents involving players.  First it was the infamous sex boat party (with hookers).  Then it was Onterio Smith’s Whizzinator.  Former head coach Mike Tice was caught selling his Super Bowl tickets (which everybody does).  Then Koren Robinson, who had a decent year at wideout last year, was released a day ago because he was caught driving drunk and tried to flee the police.  So imagine everyone’s surprise when newly signed Dwight  Smith was just arrested early Saturday morning:

This time, it was Smith, signed last month to start next to Pro Bowler Darren Sharper in the secondary. Smith received a misdemeanor citation from Minneapolis police early Saturday for alleged indecent conduct with a 24-year-old woman in a stairwell near a downtown night club.

Coach Brad Childress expressed his disappointment and said he would discipline Smith, though he did not specify the punishment. The league’s collective bargaining agreement with the players’ union limits teams’ disciplinary powers.

DAMN!  This was only hours after the Vikings beat the Baltimore Ravens that same night.  He didn’t take too long at all to get it on.  Apparently the guy just can’t wait long enough to wait to rent a hotel room.  How drunk was this son of a bitch that his judgement was that lax?  And don’t you feel for Brad Childress, just a little bit?  He gets his big coaching break after several years as the Eagles offensive coordinator, and then he has to try and play babysitter to a bunch of grown men.  It’s tough to blame the head coach for any sort of lax ‘culture’, because these ARE adults and there are 53 players on a team.  4-5 players acting in an inappropriate manner from the same team pretty much fits in line with how many people screw up in other jobs.  Someone’s not going to blame the boss of a paper company for what his employees do outside the job.


Boy Meets World Real Late Sundays Almost Mondays!!!!!!!!

27 Aug

Remember when Cory went sking and talked all night with a girl that wasn’t Topanga, then came back home and was confused?  No?! HERE!! A real good one!
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