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28 Aug

Barbaro: Deadspin HOF Nominee.

Remember when I was all for the 7-foot fence that is to be erected around Independence Hall?  Well, I’m not sure if you knew it or not, but I was kidding around!  I don’t actually want to fence up a symbol of our freedom!  And this anti-fence feeling is really picking legs across the internets.  First Gort went on the offensive, and now Phillyskyline is actually promoting that people ACT on their feelings about it!  Doesn’t this guy know that it’s better to do nothing and complain about it, because then you can always blame someone else!!

Is Ryan Howard the National League MVP?  Perhaps, quite possibly, yes.  A Citizen’s Blog is on the case.

Stephen Colbert is all over this ‘making up new words’ shit.

Apparently, despite hate mail to the contrary, a sex column in the Inky will NOT cause the decline of Western civilization.  Maybe just Eastern civilization. (Philadelphia Will Do)

The Pennsylvania Progressive revisits Hurricane Katrina.

Wait…people take the Left Behind books and games and such serious?  They’re not jokes? (Huffington Post)

Andre Agassi’s last stand at the US Open begins tonight, as he takes on Andrei Pavel.

And finally: Abraham Nunez just sucks.  He’s the worst regular in Major League Baseball.  He’s just bad at his job. And the funny thing about this is that he was INSERTED into the lineup after 4 months of wretched ‘play’.  (Sportszilla)


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