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Your Friendly Neighborhood Sixers Marketing Update

30 Aug

Here’s a straight cut and paste from a email I recieved in the mail yesterday. Some interesting things are going to be implemented next season…Chris Webber Mughead?! I’m in! The email:

It's a Philly Thing!
The 76ers released their Marketing Campaign for the 2006-07 Season on
Monday. "It's a Philly Thing" aims to link the Sixers to the City of
Brotherly Love based on the rich history of both the city and the
Along with the new marketing campaign, the Sixers included the
promotions schedule for the upcoming season. Starting with a magnetic schedule giveaway at the 76ers Home Opener against the Atlanta Hawks on Nov. 1,
the Sixers will give away eight different items during the season
including a fleece blanket, a Samuel Dalembert Bobblehead, a Kyle Korver statue, an Allen Iverson jersey, an Andre Iguodala bank, a "Hip-Hop in the Box," and a Chris Webber mughead.


Scott Graham Brings News Of The Apocalypse

30 Aug

It was the top of the 8th inning. The Phillies were cruising by the Nationals behind the left arm of King Cole Hamels, winning 4-0. There were 2 outs and Jeff Conine was standing at second base. Up strolled Abraham Nunez to the plate with an 0-3 collar around his neck. His 198 batting average and 522 OPS has become a sort of odd wonder, such that Sportszilla has chronicled his assault on the 500 OPS mark. His designation as starting third baseman defies any sort of logic, and yet the words Scott Graham, Phillies broadcaster, was about to utter would shake the ground that I stood upon:

“Well, with two outs and the pitcher behind him, the Nationals are going to intentionally walk Abraham Nunez to get to Cole Hamels.”

Yes. That’s right. Abraham Nunez was intentionally walked as though he were the Ryan Howard of 8 hole hitters. With 2 outs and the worst starting major leaguer in the past 6 seasons up at the plate, Frank Robinson had the stellar idea of letting that guy get on base to, as the illustrious Chris Wheeler would say, ‘turn the lineup over’. Instead of the pitcher’s spot leading off the top of the 9th, Jimmy Rollins led off the 9th.

Now, it ‘worked’ in that Cole Hamels struck out to end the inning. But three straight hits were given up in the 9th inning, and the Phillies were able to score a run on a sacrifice fly that might not have been set up if a pinch hitter came in to lead off the inning. The simple fact that the worst starting player in the Majors was GIVEN a base is simply mindboggling. To give Abe Nunez ANYTHING is just…wow.

48 Popozaos Later: Howard In The Record Books

30 Aug

Last night Ryan Howard tied Mike Schmidt for the Phillies single-season record for dingers.  Little more needs to be written about how great this accomplishment is, and also how Howard has evolved into a monster at the plate.  The comparisons have mostly floated towards David Ortiz and Willie Stargell, but I tend to view Howard as a young Jim Thome.  Both hit to all fields, both hit for a good average, and both have had 40 homer seasons for the Phillies.

Perhaps the Phils can ride Howard to the playoffs.  The NL is completely watered down and horrible this year, so maybe 84 wins nabs a Wild Card.  Oh joy?

CBS Wants Katie Couric To Drop A Couple

30 Aug

Not really, since they can just lose a couple for her.  Media Bistro has a side-by-side of two publicity photos of Couric, one from May and one that is going to be in the September issue of Watch Magazine:

Her arms and waist were slimmed down and her color was lightened.  Apparently viewers of the CBS Evening News want their news anchors to be slim and trim.