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Upper Pottsgrove Wants To Keep Open Space Open, Man Complains

6 Sep

Yes, a single man complained about a plan by Upper Pottsgrove Township (outside Pottstown, in Montgomery County) and the rest of Montgomery County to prevent open space from being further eaten up by development, provide trails for residents to use, and basicall keep everyone’s qualiy of life from decreasing due to traffic and environmental degradation. Well, this one man had this to say:

“You’ve been taking my tax money for five years and now you’re only giving me 80 percent of it back?” he said. “They should be funding us 100 percent.”

And this:

“It’s a tax on top of a tax,” he said. “It’s a scam and a disgrace. Come Election Day, I will be standing outside the firehouse telling people to vote against it.”

He also suggested that the township will begin taking properties by eminent domain once land is all gone for people to buy, a complete nothing of a statement. The truth of the matter is that the tax increase is 1/4 of a percent increase in the income tax, which basically ends up being 100 dollar on a 40,000 salary. And this guy still lives in Montco, and thus pays Montco taxes as well, yes? So what’s the difference between paying to his local municipality instead of the county overall? Here, you actually ensure that 20% of the money goes DIRECTLY back to improving your immediate quality of life.

And this guy completely denies how the further encroachment of suburban sprawl decimates the tax structure of townships such as these. Whenever new developments pop up, developers don’t pay for the sewers, utilities, schools and such, taxpayers who already live there do. They see their taxes go up regardless, and now they also have ugly and irresponsible development added to the landscape. It also takes away from older, established municipalities such as Pottstown by further spreading out the population and tax base.

But who cares about the big picture? What about my 100 dollars now?!?!


On Notice: The Weather

6 Sep

The weather has gotten on my last nerve. The clouds depress my favorite radio personality Kidd Chris, it fogs up my glasses when I walk outside, and now rain has caused the cancellation of the 3rd Phillies game in the past 10 days.  This is simply too far.  No doub this is a trick of the liberal media trying to drive up ratings for their weather-related propaganda. Mother Nature needs to get her weather in check.  I better see some sun tomorrow, or it’s go time!