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People Love Dwight Smith’s Stairwell Sex

13 Sep

It’s the number one search term that brings people to my site. I’m actually the first hit on yahoo and google. Deadspin is the second. It’s the only thing where I will ever be ahead of Deadspin. There are some other interesting ones (street fucking???). Check out the most popular terms:

  1. Dwight Smith Stairwell Sex
  2. Boy Meets World
  3. street fucking
  4. Who Wants To Sex Mutombo
  5. kidd chris crap
  6. variations of stephen colbert
  7. roger federer
  8. John Marzano – and his stats
  9. fred flintstone
  10. ted Williams ethnic heritage
  11. Maura Tierney

Good Thing We Got Rid Of Him

13 Sep

On the return of Hideki Matsui, Bobby Abreu stole the show:

Abreu hit a three-run homer and a three-run double in a nine-run first and finished with a career-high seven RBIs in the New York Yankees‘ 12-4 laugher over Tampa Bay on Tuesday.

“It was crazy,” said Abreu, who went 2-for-3 with a third-inning sacrifice fly and fourth-inning flyout to the warning track, just missing a grand slam.

He’s now hitting .344 for the Yankees with a 436 OBP and a 503 slugging percentage. He’s hit 15 doubles, 3 homers, and gotten 31 RBI and 25 runs. He’s also stolen 7 bases. I didn’t even mention his web gem from last night, either.

Good thing we got rid of this cancer. This lazy bum afraid of walls and of swinging the bat! What a bum.

Specter/Toomey Redux As Lincoln Chafee Holds On

13 Sep

This time the moderate Republican v conservative Republican fight was set in Rhode Island, with incumbent Senator Lincoln Chafee emerging victorious Cranston, RI mayor Steve Laffey 55% to 45%. He will now go on to the main race against Democratic challenger Sheldon Whitehouse. The race evoked overtones of Pennsylvania’s 2004 neck-and-neck primary race between Arlen Specter and challenger Pat Toomey (Specter won by a hair, and the rest is history). Toomey’s Club For Growth even backed Laffey, who basically stands step for step beside President Bush on many issues, and is more conservative on some other important government measures.

The Republican voters may have given themselves an actual shot at holding onto Rhode Island, even if it is going to be won by someone who is staunchly opposed to President Bush on many matters. If Laffey would’ve pulled through in the primary, it’s quite possible that Whitehouse would’ve simply ROMPED, with polls showing him with a margin as wide as 17%. As it stands, however, Chafee/Whitehouse is simply too close to call, and will continue to be.

Let the games begin. The fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party continues…will it become non-existant in the Northeast? Will the religious right continue to dominate much of the grass roots? And could it possibly splinter in the future? And what of the 2006 mid-term elections?