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Saint Joseph’s, Temple, LaSalle Don’t Get No Respect

31 Oct

No respect at all:

The league’s three city amigos were picked eighth, ninth and 10th, respectively, in a voting of coaches and media released during the A-10’s annual media day Tuesday inside this Oceanside resort’s Boardwalk Hall.

Neither school had a single player picked on any of the three all-conference teams or the conference’s defensive team. Only St. Joe’s Jawan Carter and Temple’s Luis Guzman were named to the rookie team.

But don’t worry, Atlantic TEN actually is fourteen teams strong.  So while they are predicted to suck, who knows really?   The SJU Hawks are young, Temple is in flux, and LaSalle is young, short and without Steve Smith.  The Big 5 will certainly be Villanova-tilted this season, unless one of the other teams just steps it up.


The Worst Comic In The World

31 Oct

Ah, the legendary Ziggy.  Ziggy is famous for being on a lot of greeting cards.  But it’s not really famous for being funny or anything like that.  No, the lovable loser Ziggy goes about life with his pets and gets in a lot of situations which demand a sort of half smile out of the reader.   Take the panel below…where’s the funny?  Try and find it.  I dare you.

Allen Iverson Is Ready

30 Oct

And he’s going to win any way he can:

“I mean, I’ve won scoring titles, MVPs — scoring’s not something I care about,” Iverson said. “I know I can score. Everybody in the world knows I can score the basketball. If that’s something I have to do, then that’s something that I’ll do. If I have to play like I played against Jersey, then so be it.

“I approach every game the same way — to try and be aggressive and do whatever I can to help my team win. That’s what has to be done. If teams are going to concentrate on me like they do, the responsibility honestly goes more on my teammates. They have to make shots. I trust them and believe them. That’s the only way I know that we can win.”

I’m not sure if I trust his teammates though. Hopefully rookies Rodney Carney and Bobby Jones can make a difference on both sides of the ball, because besides that I just don’t see where this team improved more than 4 or 5 wins. Webber is still the most inefficient 20 point scorer in the game today, we have several guys who can’t stick anyone, and using a ton of Kevin Ollie just ain’t my cup of tea.

But hey, Allen’s closer to this thing than I am.  If he trusts his teammates, maybe we all should too…at least until they drop below the .500 mark.

Get Ready…Wednesday

30 Oct

76ers v Hawks at 7pm. Are you excited?

Boy Meets World Mondays

30 Oct

Remember when Eric went all Truman Show on ’em?  I DO I DO!

The Saint Louis Cardinals Are Some Lucky SOBs

27 Oct

They barely made the playoffs. They were probably considered the worst team to make the playoffs. And since they won game 4 last night, they are falling right into a World Series championship. It’s simply crazy to think that these guys may win the rings. They’re just not all that good. They’re the Phillies except that they didn’t have the New York Mets in their division. It’s really starting to piss me off, to tell the truth.  I really sort of hope that both the Tigers and Cardinals find a way to lose.  I want to see errors, hit batters, and no offense.  I want this to go down in history as one of the worst World Series of all-time.


Rick Brunson Is Done

26 Oct

The Sixers won a basketball game last night, with Allen Iverson passing for 12 assists and Kyle Korver shooting 8-10 for 22 points.  After the game, Temple standout Rick Brunson was waived.  Brunson’s had a hard couple of months.  First, he lost out to Fran Dunphy for the position head basketball coach at Temple.  And now he’s being waived ahead of such legendary basketball players like Alan Henderson and Ivan McFarlin.  Time for Brunson to hang up the kicks and get a coaching position at a smaller college to start building his resume.