The Worst Comic In The World

3 Oct


That fat, lasagna eating orange furball was chosen for this week’s entry (click to enlarge). Garfield has been a comic, a television show, a mug, a tshirt, and anything else you can think of. It’s been pimped to death by its creator Jim Davis, so much so that it’s had two movies made. I even liked the television show, and especially the Christmas special. It was sort of sweet, actually.

But the comic itself? Lame, lame, lame. The same gags have been done to death for years, and if entire panels were simply being re-hashed over and over I wouldn’t be surprised. For the other entries I’ve done I’ve had to actually search for a really bad one to post…here I just picked a random date and took it. I have a ritual where I read the strip every morning expecting nothing and getting exactly what I expected. Haha Garfield eats a lot. Haha John has no luck with women. Haha Odie is dumb. I get it. Just end the madness.


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