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LOST Returns In Full Force

5 Oct

The best mystery on television returned last night, and I’m watching it on my laptop right now.  Jack was angry, sad, and a bit of a stalker (and currently being held underwater), Sawyer was a rat in a cage, and Kate was  a lady (sort of).  But the most important, and exciting, thing of all that we found out on last night’s episode was the intriguing Others society that we’ve seen peaks of.  The leader, ‘Ben’, is so cold and calculating that I have no clue where the hell he’s going with anything he says, and yet the sinister nature of it still comes acrossin full-force.

The show is getting better and better with each episode, if that’s even possible.  TVSquad has the full roundup on A Tale Of Two Cities, but I’ll just say that Jack’s history has become more interesting.  We know he had an alcoholic father and an ex-wife that he had helped to walk again, but we didn’t know he completely fell apart after the divorce.  We didn’t learn much and yet we learned a lot, again.  And you know what?  I’m fine with that.  I’d rather have stuff drip out episode by episode, rather than in one fell swoop.  It takes time for a story arc, one of 8 episodes, one of one season, and one of 5 years.  Let it come naturally, instead of forced.