The Worst Comic In The World

17 Oct

This week’s entry is another long-running comic involving an animal. Marmaduke the dog is big and he’s sloppy and he doesn’t listen to his family. And isn’t that just hilarious folks?!?! This joke has been played out for 50 years+…and boy is it played out. Sometimes you gotta know when to lay down the ink, even if there is a following. And Marmaduke does have his following…blogs here, here and here chronicle the big dog’s adventures. This blog will not be joining them anytime soon.


One Response to “The Worst Comic In The World”


  1. Movie Hawk » Trotting out to Pasture - December 7, 2006

    […] A rather depressing bit of news this morning…Bill Amend, creator of the comic strip “FoxTrot,” recently announced that his strip would cease its daily publication schedule and run new strips only on Sundays. In an age where some of the world’s worst comic strips manage to stick around, it’s a shame that a strip like “FoxTrot” can’t keep up with the pressure of filling the void. Amend noted that “classic” “FoxTrot” selections would be run on his website each day. […]

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