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Linking to Links

3 Nov

- First thing’s first…new links: Football Monologues, The Basketball Jones, Bored at Life, Umpbump, With Leather, and Tao of Poker. And Youtube for Everything.

- Sportszilla breaks down the best, worst, most overrated and most underrated of the 2006 baseball season.

- Rasheed Wallace is having trouble with the new zero-tolerance policy in regards to complaining to the refs. This is going to be interesting.

- And now, the Phils beat. Balls, Sticks and Stuff talks about Akinori Iwamura, BeerLeaguer noticed that Pat Burrell said he’s OK with the Giants, The Good Phight notices that the Phils trash their own players’ trade value, and A Citizen’s Blog talks about pending free agents.

- Jon Burkett is on the Sixers bandwagon, driving it, already has his quarter roll ready for the tolls, and is about to cross the finish. Sixers Journal is a little more cautiously optimistic.

Vote for Whitey Ashburn…and Wheels?

3 Nov

Whitey’s up for the following (vote here):

The fans who remember Ashburn as “Whitey” the broadcaster — the long-time colorful color man to Hall of Famer Harry Kalas — are still waiting for that day. That day could come in July 2007, as the late broadcaster — along with veteran announcer Chris Wheeler…

Yeah, so everyone go vote for Richie…what???? Chris Wheeler’s on the ballot?!?! WHEELS?! Let me keep reading to make sure I’m dreaming…it’s gotta be a joke.

and former broadcaster Andy Musser

Man oh man, the guy who would get into his home run call for popups to the shortstop. Now I’m sure they’re joking. Still…
– are among the nearly 200 names on the preliminary ballot for the annual Ford C. Frick Award.

WHEW! We dodged a bullet there. So almost 200 announcers are going to be on the ballot. And there’s only 30 teams, so legendary broadcasters such as Buck Martinez, Joe Morgan(UGH) and Steve Lyons appear on the list. What a crew. It looks to me like appearing on this ballot is MLBs equivalent of the attendance record:

Voters are asked to base their selections on the following criteria: longevity, continuity with a club, honors — including national assignments such as the World Series and All-Star Games — and popularity with fans. Paper ballots will be cast by voting members in January, and the final results will be announced by the Hall of Fame in February.

Two of the criteria involve simply showing up to work day after day.

Anyway: Harry Kalas, By Saam, Whitey Ashburn, Chris Wheeler, Andy Musser. Which two don’t belong?


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