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Time To Vote Early and Vote Often

7 Nov

Yep, it’s Tuesday November the 7th and that means that it’s time to vote. There’s a:

Governor’s race (Ed Rendell v Lynn Swann)

Senate race (Rick Santorum v Bob Casey)

three House of Rep races (Jim Gerlach v Lois Murphy, Curt Weldon v Joe Sestak, Mike Fitzpatrick v Patrick Murphy)

and a bunch of local races all over

And that’s just Pennsylvania. So go vote! It’s pretty important and southeast PA is a pretty vital swing area, as it has been for several cycles now. I’m voting, you should too!

Or don’t vote, and be like 70% of the country. Whatever.

The Worst Comic In The World

7 Nov

This week’s winner is Beetle Bailey, the popular boot camp-based strip. The lazy Beetle, fat Sarge, and human-like dog Otto star in it, and bring the laughs. Well, not really. The same jokes get recycled over and over, week in and week out (and what kind of person hard up for material would use the same stuff over and over?!). Beetle’s lazy, Sarge is fat, the soldiers like Miss Buxley, and General Halftrack hates his wife. Good for a read once in a while, if only to make sure that all is right with the world, but worthy of all the popularity?


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