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Final Thought For The Day: Do You Want A Wii?

15 Nov

Nintendo’s Wii (and misconceptions about the product) due November 19th, 2006

Kobe Bryant’s Elbows Of Fury

15 Nov

Kobe’s being sued for elbowing some guy in Memphis:

A lawsuit was filed against Bryant in a Tennessee court by a spectator who alleged Bryant struck him during a Memphis home game in November 2005. Bill Geeslin is seeking more than $75,000 in damages.

According to the lawsuit, Bryant “left the basketball court and entered the spectators’ section where Bill Geeslin was sitting … and violently struck Mr. Geeslin with [his] elbow.” A Lakers spokesman was unaware of the lawsuit and referred calls to Bryant’s agent, who could not be reached for comment. Geeslin’s attorney declined to comment.

Apparently this guy was so badly hurt and abused that no one in the Lakers, the media, or the nation at large heard about this until a year later.  It’s not like the league or media was concerned or preoccupied with fans and players fighting in the stands either.  There wasn’t a huge brawl that brought attention to the players and fans mingling.  I totally believe this guy that Kobe and his tights assaulted him as he was going for a loose ball.  Make him pay Mr. Geeslin, make him pay!

Scott Graham Is Reportedly Outta Here

15 Nov

In a pretty shocking move, since I thought he was the ‘chosen one’ to inherit Harry Kalas’ place, the Phillies are reportedly not going to renew his expired contract. They ARE trying to re-sign Kalas, as well as the other announcers.

Let me get this straight. The guy that has extreme passion, can see the ball (sorry Harry), and isn’t the most annoying announcer in the world (Wheels, bahaha) is going to be the one let go? How does this make any sense at all? At this point, there’s no reason Graham shouldn’t have been the main TV announcer, and now he’s going to be left go?


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