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Start The Parade: Ryan Howard Named NL MVP

20 Nov

Congrats Ryan, you deserve it. And to Albert Pujols, if there was ever a year where you deserved to be recognized, it was 2006. It sucks for you that two random weeks on the DL took your crown from you. But, as a biased Phillies fan who would’ve voted for you for MVP, I don’t give a crap today. Today is a day to celebrate the great success of Ryan Howard, the 2006 National League Most Valuable Player! RYAN HOWARD MVP!!!

Now for the next great cause: Chris Wheeler 4 HOF


The Philadelphia Eagles Have Rolled Over And Died

20 Nov

With Donovan McNabb rolling out of bounds and tearing his ACL, the Philadelphia Eagles playoff hopes have simply evaporated. The season is over. Period. Jeff Garcia and AJ Feely are nothing special at all, with Garcia having happy feet and the inability to look beyond the line of scrimmage, and AJ Feely having a case of backupitis. The team is basically just going to be running out the clock the rest of the season. A whole lot of Eagles fans are going to be searching for someone to blame, but sometimes bad luck just happens. It’s just too bad it happens to us, a lot.  I will say that Swoop has been looking mighty shifty lately…maybe it’s time to lay down the law on that eagle-eyed bastard.

The Market Has Changed, But Soriano Still Ain’t Worth 136 Mil

20 Nov

Well, it’s official. The Phillies missed out on Alfonso Soriano, as he signed with the Chicago Cubs for 8 years and 136 million dollars. You read that correctly…136 mil for a guy that’s simply overrated. I already showed you why he’s overrated here, but apparently the Cubs see something that I’m not. Good for them, because I wouldn’t sign Soriano to that even in this changing market. Maybe if it was a 3 year deal. But 8? Simply ridiculous.

And they might stick him in centerfield, where he flamed out in an early spring training as a Yankee. You’re telling me the Cubs are going to pay him 17 million a year to learn a new and important position? Makes complete and perfect sense to me!

But here’s the thing I’m worried the most about: the Phillies are going to be putting their money into even lesser valued outfielders in an attempt to improve. They might try dealing for a catcher, but who? Johnny ‘Completely Average’ Estrada? Are they going to go after a pitcher? Who really freaking knows, does anyone see a plan? A method to the madness that caused Pat Gillick to trade Bobby Abreu (making 17 mil next season, btw) for almost nothing? So he could bid on overrated players like Soriano and miss out?  Miss out on Aramis Ramirez, Moises Alou, Barry Bonds, JD Drew, Mark DeRosa, etc. ? I’m not asking for moves for the sake of moves, and I liked the Helms signing, but where’s the plan?  That’s all I’m asking, because I just don’t see one.

Boy Meets World Mondays

20 Nov

Remember the time Cory and Topanga got back together but didn’t tell Shawn right away?!?!?! HAHAHAHA HILARIOUS