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The Worst Comic In The World

21 Nov

This week’s worst comic is a rather popular one for the simple fact that it’s so damn easy to read. Family Circus is one bubble, with a couple of ginger kids and two parents who are the perfect family and have no problems, except for one: there is no humor there whatsoever. And, much like Beetle Bailey, it’s perpetually stuck in the 50s. Sure, I’m not exactly the target reader, but even the target reader must realize that nothing here is really tickling the funny bone. Even Garfield’s gags are edgier. I have respect for how the strip is family-friendly, but does that also mean it has to be without laughs?

Now, here’s some links which tend to agree with the above point of view: Nietzsche Family Circus Family Circuss The Other Family

And Perry Bible Fellowship’s take: