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30 Nov

Check it out:

From their site:

For all the news and information you’ve come to expect from the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.

In the event of a strike, you can turn to to read the work of Inquirer and Daily News reporters, columnists, photographers and bloggers who are members of Local 10 of the Newspaper Guild.

We are currently negotiating to avoid a strike, but the company has proposed a long list of give-backs – including freezing our pensions and giving up seniority rights.

The deadline is midnight, Nov. 30th.

This site is sponsored by Local 10 and its parent union, the Communication Workers of America (CWA), because we believe in keeping the public informed – even if the newspapers themselves are shut down due to a labor disagreement.

I fully support them. News is a hard business, and there must be a large workforce to fully cover such a large city as Philadelphia. And let’s not forget that the news goes beyond our borders of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and support the continuation of national and foreign news written by Philadelphia papers. Relying on the wire can only take one so far. People want local news to a point…otherwise all the little local papers would have much larger circulations.  Laying off (firing) people will only create a slide in the once great newspaper known as the Inquirer, and will absolutely destroy the Daily News.

Support the writers. Support the reporters. Don’t cut the workforce.


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