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Ahmad Nivins Is Doubling Up

30 Dec

Last year Ahmad Nivins had an OK freshman year as the center for the Saint Joseph’s Hawks.   He may only have been 6’9, but he played much bigger than that due to a big body and good positioning.  Averaging 6 points and 5 rebounds, he was at times too excitable and out of control, much like former guard and transfer Abdulai Jalloh.

Well this year he’s cut out that over-agressiveness and it’s paying off for him and the Hawks.  He’s filling up the lane and the stat sheet for the Hawks this season.  Even with missing one game due to injury, he’s been shooting 61% from the floor and scoring 15.8 points and grabbing 7.3 rebounds.  He’s even swatting away 1.6 blocks a game and accumulating 1.5 steals a game…and he’s improving with each and every game.  This has been huge for the young guard-heavy Hawks, and has been a stabilizing influence for them, along with Rob Ferguson (averaging 11 pts and 5 boards).

Against Boston University Nivins put in a double-double, his first of the season.  I’d prepare to see plenty more of those throughout the 06-07 season.  And the Hawks will rise in the standings as Nivins does.

A Review: The Twenty Top Watched Shows Of The Week

28 Dec

Smarmy, elitist comments about the top 20 shows of the week ending December 24th, link courtesy of TVSquad.

1. NFL Post-Game Show (CBS) SPORTS

OK, I watch football, and I like sports. So do a lot of other people. I can understand his being tops for the week.

2. Deal Or No Deal (NBC) GAME SHOW

My brain hurts looking at this spot. Deal or No Deal is just lazy, lazy, lazy. 5th grade education not necessary for viewing.


The old standby in the Neilson ratings, CSI continues to have the same crime repeated over and over with different characters to great success.

4. Identity – Mon (NBC) GAME SHOW
Another game show, this one is hosted by Penn Jillette, which is almost enough to make me forget I’m watching a freaking game show. Almost.


This show stars David Caruso. Need I go further?


Another CSI…this one starring Who Knows and Who Cares.


Here’s CSI with the initials mixed up.

8. 60 Minutes (CBS) NEWS

Old people talk about the week’s events and new-fangled fads like the internet.

9. Two and a Half Men (CBS) SITUATION COMEDY

It’s your standard situation comedy, complete with a wisecracking cleaning lady. Thing is, it actually breaks the mold by being funny. Imagine that. Humor in a comedy. Charlie Sheen steals the show.

10. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (CBS)CHRISTMAS

I hardly have a comment on this one-time event, except to say that I remember watching it as a youngster and wondering why Rudolph couldn’t just cover his nose up a little bit? And was this a metaphor for a big pimple on your nose?


James Woods plays James Woods. It’s what he does best.

12. Criminal Minds (CBS) CRIME PROCEDURAL

Blah Blah Blah, insert procedurals suck because ___________


Good show, good cast, great lead. Quality stuff, and the best procedural out there, by far. But that’s a bit like tallest dwarf, isn’t it?

14. Identity – Thurs (FOX) GAME SHOW

People like to watch the same show several days a week, apparently.
15. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) MEDICAL DRAMA

Soap opera bullshit. Doctor McDreamy and crew McSuck.

16. Charlie Brown: I Want A Dog For Christmas (CBS) CHRISTMAS

Charlie Brown is always alright, but this is nothing special.

17. Identity – Weds (NBC) GAME SHOW


18. Dateline – Weds (NBC) NEWS

People like to watch pedophiles get caught and berated by a guy who looks like a pedophile.


This is just there. Just there. It fills time and space.

20. Law and Order: SVU (NBC) LAW PROCEDURAL

Law and Order isn’t as popular as it used to be, that’s for damn sure. Maybe because it’s the same shit over and over again, with the expected unexpected twist coming 51 minutes into every single episode.

So, six shows dealing with crime, eight procedurals with no arcing storylines, and four game shows are in the top 20.  4 of the top 7 were crime procedurals (what a combo).  Take from this what you will, but I frankly see that we are an impatient society that enjoys instant gratification and hurried storylines and solutions.  Look at the brewing outrage over the lack of ‘answers’ for LOST, as though that will actually satisfy anyone.  What will ensue will be bickering over how the answers suck in various ways.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that shows with real storylines and arcing plots tend to win over critics and those who watch TV for a living or semi-living.  For the most part, they’re just smarter, wittier, and better.

1.1.07: Be Prepared

28 Dec


The Worst Comic In The World

26 Dec

The one where we venture into political cartoons…Mallard Fillmore.  It’s a duck drawn for a conservative’s conservative, someone who longs for the days of yesteryear, when men were men, women were men, and anyone who was not a male WASP was allowed to be openly ridiculed.  Oh the days!

Do you think I went a bit overboard in my characterization of conservatives?  Of course I did!  But this is how political opinions are put forth in Mallard Fillmore, with ‘liberals’ bearing the brunt of the storm.  But who sort of cares how ridiculous the anti-liberal smears are if they are at least funny, right?  I’ve found plenty of political commentators and comedians to be hilarious…but this strip ain’t.  It goes for the easy joke.   Look at the above…is that clever?  Is it?  Really?  It’s more of a setup that the writer forgot to add a punchline to…and for your writers out there, that’s the funny twist at the end of a joke…

Boy Meets World Mondays

25 Dec

Remember the time they sang  Karaoke??? I DO

Enough of Brett Favre, Get Off The Fucking Stage

22 Dec

He was 26 for 50 for 285 yards, 0 TDs, and 2 INTs (one returned for TD).  But the Packers beat the Vikings 9-7!!!  3 field goals that were willed into existence by Brett Favre.  You know what?  Fuck Favre and screw the Packers and their fans.  To force this horrible, over-the-hill player onto the rest of the league is a disgrace.  Every week he becomes the story of the game simply because of who he was 5 years ago.  17 TDs and 17 INTs this year, 20 TDs and 29 INTs last year…it’s over.  His career is over, it’s just up to him to finally realize it.

Or the Packers could actually try to improve themselves and just cut him.

Goodbye Allen Iverson

21 Dec

Only the strong survive Allen, and you did just that. This dreadful season is bound to get even worse for the 76ers, but you are now off to play for a playoff contender and with the leading scorer in the league in Carmelo Athony (once he serves his 15 game suspension for a sucker punch). It seemed like the city embraced you and the Sixers for a period from around 1999-2003 or so, and then things got a little crazy, then things got a little dull, and now things are horrible. But you were always there, always scoring, always giving it your all, always fighting for that win.

Fuck the haters. I ignored the bullshit controversy about your cornrows, then your tatoos, then your rap album, then you missing practices (of which many NBA players missed). That is off-court crap that had nothing to do with the game and you rightly said that we are only talking about practice. Sure, practice doesn’t hurt, but you came to play no matter what.

You were the answer. The answer to reaching the NBA Finals one year, and the answer to slowing down the Lakers machine that year. You gave them their only playoff loss in game 1 of the NBA Finals, and almost came out ahead in the 2nd game. It seems like the team petered out after those two games, but it was a valiant effort and an amazing season-long ride.

You will always be my favorite player. You are one of the greatest players the Sixers ever had, and one of the most exciting players to grace the wooden floor of this fair game. Basketball is better for having you play, and so are the Nuggets. I hope you do well throughout the rest of your career. Great even. In fact, I know you will. Because the strong survive.

The Phillies Outfield Is Looking…Uh…

19 Dec

Since the Phillies just signed former Dodger Jayson Werth to a one year major league deal, let’s just check out the 2006 (and career) OPS of each outfielder now under contract by the Phils:

  1. Pat Burrell -  .890 (.842)
  2. Shane Victorino .760 (.714 majors, .760 minors)
  3. Aaron Rowand – .745 (.780)
  4. Jayson Werth – .712 (.753)
  5. Chris Roberson – .458 (.750 minors career)
  6. Michael Bourn .314   (.772 minors career)

Frankly, this is pathetic.  We went from having 3 guys with above-average leauge and position OPS (Burrell, Abreu, Dellucci), to having one in the matter of 6 months.  We’re also relying on a lot of progression that just isn’t there for guys like Chris Roberson, Shane Victorino, and Michael Bourn.  I was even a fan of Michael Bourn (check the archives of this site), but his hitting just hasn’t merited said fandom.  The only guy that’s been any good for more than one season in this group has been Pat Burrell, and yet he’s the guy that most people love to hate.

Prepare for a great defensive outfield, folks.  Too bad it’ll come at the expense of the offense.

Must Read Links

19 Dec

I was going to write a similar post, but realized that I would probably dilute what Sportszilla said, so here is the link to Racing For A Story.  Read it, it’s  really really great stuff about the Knicks/Nuggets brawl.

Remember that Rick Santorum guy?

Jimmy Kimmel and Howard Stern virtually make out.

The Worst Comic In The World

19 Dec

Mary Worthless is horrible.  Comic strip soap operas simply don’t work too well.  Period.  Mary’s cast of characters aren’t very interesting, nothing happens to them for weeks at a time, and the soap opera develops EXTREMELY slow.  It’s simply a ridiculous strip for today’s readership.

Kevin Ollie Isn’t Very Good, And Neither Is Willie Green

18 Dec

Kevin Ollie has now started 20 games at the point guard spot for your Philadelphia 76ers, and it completely escapes me as to why. I could understand starting him once in a while to go with a smaller lineup, but 20 games??? Why? Because he plays average defense? His below-average offensive game is too enticing? Maybe I’m just being too hard on Mo Cheeks for playing him, but it looks to me as though the numbers just bear out there he’s not that good.

For example, he is averaging 5.3 points and 3.7 assists in 24 minutes a game. What’s he been doing on the court during all those minutes? The 34 year old is frankly stealing minutes from younger players.

Then there’s the case of Willie Green. Green, in almost exactly the same amount of minutes as Ollie, has 11 points a game and only 1.1 assist a game. They both average about 2 rebounds. Are these stellar numbers? No. But they’d be decent enough if either of them were only playing about 15-20 minutes off the bench. However, both Green and Ollie are getting more and more time with the absence of Allen Iverson, and without the corresponding increase in output. Ollie had a tremendous offensive game against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday, shooting 9-11 for 19 points, but that is likely an abberation. Green’s shooting percentage is now below 40%, with no sign of stopping.

What’s my point? Expect more of these kind of stats to be in Sixers’ box scores. Whether it’s Green, Ollie, or someone new, losing Iverson is going to show a lot of people what they’ll be missing. Horrible basketball is already being played, and expect it to continue. Green is signed to a multi-year deal and Cheeks and King seem to both love keeping Ollie around. Enjoy.

Boy Meets World Mondays

17 Dec

Remember when Cory’s cool grandmother came to visit?!?!?!

The Philadelphia 76ers Are Getting Comical

14 Dec

Iverson is on the block to be dealt, but isn’t playing.  As a result, the Sixers have lost 9 games in a row, and are now 5-16 and in dead last in the worst division in the NBA.  Kevin Ollie is getting 30 minutes of playing time a game since AI was asked to not play.  Am I the only one that sees this as a complete and total sandbag on the Sixers part?  They know that the top few picks are going to be great in the draft, but then it drops off.  So ensuring that they are already in the hole with about 20 losses before they even trade Iverson would make certain that they’d be in the range to get Greg Oden (who has his own unofficial fan website already, btw).

It’s either that, or the Sixers are just dumb.  Billy King better be sandbagging for the draft, or else he’s actually willingly suppressed Iverson’s trade value by refusing to play him.   He couldn’t be that dumb, could he?

David Stern Is Deflated, Sort Of

12 Dec

In a rather shocking move, David Stern admitted defeat on the issue of the new NBA basketball, and will re-issue the old leather ball starting January 1st.  Here’s what he had to say:

“Our players’ response to this particular composite ball has been consistently negative and we are acting accordingly,” Stern said in a statement Monday. “Although testing performed by Spalding and the NBA demonstrated that the new composite basketball was more consistent than leather, and statistically there has been an improvement in shooting, scoring, and ball-related turnovers, the most important statistic is the view of our players.

Well, why would we trust statistics and evidence and research when we can rely on ‘feel’?  I’m only half-serious here, but let’s be honest here.  The game hasn’t suffered at all.  The stars are still the stars, handlers can still dribble, and point guards are still passing around the horn.  If this is the big power play that the NBA Players Association brought out, they may as well pack up and go home.  Why deal with issues such as money, TV rights, etc. when they can go after a meaningless issue where the conclusions weren’t even in yet?

But…they were right.  Is that contradicting what I said above?  Sort of.  Stern and the NBA had no real reason to change the basketball before the season.  It was the sort of picky change that really only serves to annoy a few people and have nobody else really notice or care.  Lose-lose, essentially.  Good job picking a pointless issue Dave.

The Worst Comic In The World

12 Dec

The worst comic in the world is about a dog named Fred Basset. Written by a Scotsman, he seems to have forgotten that jokes are supposed to be within the panels. Try and find the punchline in the above strip, just try. Is wag supposed to be the word that gets you chuckling? The complete lack of originality? Maybe it’s supposed to be ironic. You know, so unfunny it’s funny? But apparently I’m the only one who can’t find the humor:

Any reader who has ever been a “dog’s best friend” will recognize and love Fred. Fred is a wry and witty observer of life, finding funnybones and turning up smiles on three continents.

Which continents? One of them has to be Antarctica. Just has to. The next time Fred digs up a funny will be the first time.

Fred Basset Upfucked Fred Basset at Little Mathletics Workblog


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