The Worst Comic In The World

5 Dec

This week’s worst comic is just bad.  I noticed that it’s in the sports section of the Philadelphia Daily News, and I’m not sure why ink is still being wasted on it.  Gil Thorp is about high school sports.  It’s a ‘comic’, but deals with some weird issues (such as pregnancy and steroids).  I will have to give the strip credit for conveying action pretty well…but couldn’t we just watch, you know, a real live game on TV or in person?  And we wouldn’t have to read Gil Thorp, either.

Finally, do the storylines ever wrap up?  Ever? I don’t think I’ve ever read one start to finish.

Gil  This Week in Gil Thorp


One Response to “The Worst Comic In The World”

  1. Down with Milford December 6, 2006 at 4:46 pm #

    Gil Thorp has been in the Daily News for as long as I can remember (going back to the late 60s), so I almost think its just tradition at this point. I rather have Tank McNamara, but that strip probably costs more.

    When I was little, Gil had a crewcut. Then when hair styles got longer in the 70s, they redid his hair. It still had the shape of the crewcut, but his hair was combed over his ears. That looked totally stupid. It was a long time before he got a decent haircut again.

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