Links for Linking

29 Mar

Time for the new blogs added: Mavs Moneyball, LOST-Media, Ballers, Gamers and Scoundrels, Televisionary, and Phillies Locker.  New links to established blogs: and Sixers Shots.  What the hell happened to SJU Hawk’s Blog?

Now, the Phils: Non-Phils blogs talk about the upcoming season, such as Phawker, who breaks down the players by song… mlb trade rumors sez the Phils are trying to get Francisco Rosario…A Citizen’s Blog is cautiously optimistically about Shane Victorino, as am I.  Aren’t you?…Mr. P. Baker at The Good Phight starts the community projection thread about Ryan Howard(put up your numbers)…The Back She Goes! forum posters talk about Carlos Ruiz being trade bait, but the real question if is the Phils think that Jason Jaramillo is ready…Driven to Deep Center says we deserve the division title…Phillies Flow is philling out the roster, day by day…Phuture Phillies wonders what we should do with Michael Bourn.  I say trade him for an arm because he won’t be better than Shane Victorino, what say you?…The 700 Level is previewing the Phils 2007 season, while The Phans Blog is previewing the Mets 2007 season.  Both teams can be screwed over by injuries this season, but both teams have the chance to be offensive juggernauts.   All I can say is that it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

And now, basketball: Did anyone notice that Jon Burkett live-blogged the Sixers-Wizards guy?  He must really love his SIxers and his blogging(which is good for us readers)…Desmond Mason is afraid, very afraid, to shoot a shot that requires him to leave his feet or follow through or have an arc or go 12 feet from the net.  Isn’t this guy a small forward?…Jorge Garbajosa made sure that the surgery on his mangled leg went just fine by STAYING AWAKE during it…Awful Announcing is continuing its man-crush on Gus Johnson.  And why not?  This Gus guy seems to have what it takes to paint a picture without being cheesy and draw attention to the action but not himself.

And now, various:  Deadspin says goodbye to do-nothing good guy ESPN George Solomon… The KSK guys mock-drafted board games, and one of the guys chose 3 games that aren’t board games…Ambition, Impatience and Sloth talks about the Battlestar Galactica season finale, and how he enjoyed it but thought the final song might have had too much cheese.  That’s fine by me, I like a little cheese in my Sci-Fi from time to time, but I can understand why he wouldn’t…The Pennsylvania Progressive is talking about the PA districts that Republicans view as key…Bill Richardson is not a rock star — Yet…The Airing of Grievances discovers a little racism on Youtube.  But it’s funny racism!…and The Illadelph loves restaurants.

Finally, congrats to The Field Negro on his one year annivesary.  His blog officially became one year old yesterday.  He’s funny, makes a lot of sense, so check him out.


One Response to “Links for Linking”

  1. GM-Carson March 29, 2007 at 7:09 pm #

    Damn, I suck. All those links, and nary a word of my blog.

    By the way, Victorino is ready to break out, that’s why I drafted him for my fantasy team.

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