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Letter Of The Day: Blame Sharpton/Jackson For Imus!

16 Apr

It seems to be the common theme to skirt the issue of Don Imus and his remarks and instead focus the spotlight on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  This reader writes in to let us all know how these two make it OK for Imus to say what he does:


Perhaps the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should listen to rap music before demanding an apology from Don Imus.

Maybe these two self-appointed leaders of the black community should consider the rate of black-on-black crime before crying for Imus’ termination.

I have heard more inflammatory rhetoric from these two race hustlers in 43 years than I have heard on any radio.

I am no fan of the Imus show, but he does have a body of work, almost 40 years in broadcasting and countless hours and dollars in charity work. What have these two to show for their shenanigans?

These two bully boys make their livelihood threatening corporate America with boycotts while contributing nothing.

Dare I mention Tawana Brawley and Hymietown?

Imus made a stupid comment as a throwaway joke. It wasn’t funny, and it fell flat. He apologized. It wasn’t inflammatory or racially charged.

If it’s not an Federal Communications Commission violation, it’s fair game.

Remember, having freedom of speech means having the freedom to offend, particularly in comedy.

Eric Schmoyer
South Heidelberg Township

Editor’s note: The Federal Communications Commission received several complains about Don Imus’ remarks concerning the Rutgers women’s basketball team and is investigating. It remains to be determined whether a violation was committed.


Freddy Garcia Waits For The Weather And What May Come

16 Apr

Freddy Garcia was taken off the disabled list on Saturday and was supposed to start yesterday’s scheduled game against the Houston Astros. However, the weather didn’t cooperate, and that start is being pushed to today. He’ll start against the Mets at 7:05.

So what should we expect from Garcia? Here’s what Mike Arbuckle says:

“He’s had to pitch when it’s on the line. He’s had the opportunity to do things you want a pitcher to be able to do,” Phillies assistant general manager Mike Arbuckle said after acquiring Garcia. “He’s going to fit nicely into our rotation and we feel like he’s a guy that’s going to be able to give us innings. He’s a proven winner.”

Yay proven winner!!! But what does that mean? Apparently last year it meant being a league average pitcher (103 ERA+ with 100 being average) who lost 6 miles off his fastball, had the highest opponent’s batting average of his career, and gave up 32 homers. But he did pitch 216 innings, so that’s a plus. I’d expect a similar line this year, with him sporting an ERA around 4.40 or so and a WHIP of 1.28. Ironically, that’s exactly what his career WHIP is…must’ve been a coincidence.

Look. Garcia’s a hired gun. I doubt he’s going to be signed long-term, and I hope he isn’t. There’s every indication that he’s plateaued and that the worst is yet to come. Let’s hope we get a better than league-average performance out of him in 2007, and then get whatever draft picks we can when he signs a bloated deal with a stupid team next season. Let’s also just hope that the decline hasn’t started to snowball and that the Phils bear the brunt of it and totally crap out on their deal with the Chicago White Sox. Because wouldn’t that just totally suck?

RIP: John Sacrimoni

16 Apr

And the first casualty from the families on The Sopranos: former boss of the Brooklyn Lupertazzi crime syndicate John Sacrimoni. A family man, a go-between for the Lupertazzis and the North Jersey DiMeo syndicate, and a crime boss, he ultimately succumbed to lung cancer while locked away in a prison hospital. He leaves behind his wife and children, and some tied up wealth.

Johnny Sack was a complicated mix of ego, loyalty and rage. Like many crime bosses, he got all of the problems heaped on him and it ended up with a high-profile downfall. He pled guilty to multiple crimes and was sentenced to 15 years in prison (though those 15 years will remain unfulfilled).

He was one of the first mob characters created by David Chase that wasn’t actually in the DiMeo crime syndicate, but instead was from New York. While boss Carmine Lupertazzi was still alive, Johnny Sack served as something of an ambassador, ensuring peace between the two families. His ego and love for his family led him to then become irate when venomous jokes about his wife’s weight got thrown around, but what ended up taking him down were the simple logistics of a crime syndicate. The buck stops at the boss, and the boss is always the biggest target for a turncoat. Sack was taken down by an FBI informant. Carmine Lupertazzi was a rare breed: a boss that died a natural death outside of a prison cell. Johnny Sack was the norm.

Six seasons of Johnny Sack, gone with a whimper. And for what?

Boy Meets World Mondays…

16 Apr

Remember when Corey got detention and disappointed his father, and his mother and it was the first episode? And I have no material left? Boy Meets World Mondays is over? Enjoy the 2nd part of the BMW pilot.  You know what’s weird?  For as corny and stupid as the show got over the final two years of its existence, this episode was great.  Mr. Feeney’s character was played for great seriousness and comedy.  And it worked.

The first part