Letter Of The Day: Blame Sharpton/Jackson For Imus!

16 Apr

It seems to be the common theme to skirt the issue of Don Imus and his remarks and instead focus the spotlight on Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  This reader writes in to let us all know how these two make it OK for Imus to say what he does:


Perhaps the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should listen to rap music before demanding an apology from Don Imus.

Maybe these two self-appointed leaders of the black community should consider the rate of black-on-black crime before crying for Imus’ termination.

I have heard more inflammatory rhetoric from these two race hustlers in 43 years than I have heard on any radio.

I am no fan of the Imus show, but he does have a body of work, almost 40 years in broadcasting and countless hours and dollars in charity work. What have these two to show for their shenanigans?

These two bully boys make their livelihood threatening corporate America with boycotts while contributing nothing.

Dare I mention Tawana Brawley and Hymietown?

Imus made a stupid comment as a throwaway joke. It wasn’t funny, and it fell flat. He apologized. It wasn’t inflammatory or racially charged.

If it’s not an Federal Communications Commission violation, it’s fair game.

Remember, having freedom of speech means having the freedom to offend, particularly in comedy.

Eric Schmoyer
South Heidelberg Township

Editor’s note: The Federal Communications Commission received several complains about Don Imus’ remarks concerning the Rutgers women’s basketball team and is investigating. It remains to be determined whether a violation was committed.


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