Michael Strahan’s Wife Is A Stone Cold Bitch

23 Apr

I’m going to straight copy and paste from this SI update on their situation and tell me that you don’t just feel sorry for down on her luck Jean Strahan:

MONTCLAIR, N.J. (AP) — New York Giant defensive end Michael Strahan’s ex-wife held a posh garage sale Saturday at her Montclair mansion, allowing bargain hunters to sift through and cart away the defunct millionaire couple’s cast-offs.

Items on sale outside of the $3.6 million home included cocktail dresses, a bronze football statue, handmade rugs, antiques and a set of cassette tapes on how to make relationships survive.

Diehard Giants fan and Montclair resident Jamal Callaway walked away from the sale with two televisions, with 32- and 20-inch screens, for only $100.

“I get to cheer for Mike on his TV,” Callaway told The Star-Ledger of Newark.

When asked if the televisions were flat screens, he replied: “She’s not that mad at him.”

Jean Strahan is fighting to get the $6.5 million she says her ex-husband still owes her following their 2005 divorce, a legal proceeding that became notorious for its mudslinging.

In court papers filed last month, she claimed that she can’t afford to keep the 30-room mansion, which has an eight-car garage and clear views of the New York skyline.

In January, a judge awarded her $15.3 million and set child support at $18,000 a month. Michael Strahan has paid more than half of the money but is arguing that the remaining $6.5 million is too much.

Let’s keep another divorcee off the streets and help her hang onto that 30 room starter house with an 8 car garage. She may have to downgrade to a 15 room place if she didn’t get that remaining 3.2 million.

A tear shed for you Jean.

Now you know why Mike Strahan is not-so-slowly going crazy.

edit: And as I go through some blogs, I noticed that With Leather called her a Colossal Bitch.


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